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pentamedia graphics ltd investing businessweek karyn

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That was an important part of keeping my stress down and recharging my batteries. I also did some running and circuit training for exercise. For shorter breaks, I shot nerf basketballs at a tiny hoop mounted in the graphics lab and kept a guitar in my office. Figure out what works for you. You are surrounded by so many other smart, hard working people that it is easy to feel inferior and lose self esteem and confidence.

You got into graduate school because you have already shown to your professors that you have potential and skills that are not typical among most college students, let alone most people -- don't forget that. I freely admit that this section reflects my personal bias that balance in life is important. For some people, focusing on work to the exclusion of almost everything else is how they achieve excellence. However, I chose a different set of priorities and have not regretted that choice.

Decide for yourself what is most important in your life. Real World, The n. Among programmers, discussing someone in residence there is not unlike talking about a deceased person. Do not settle in to your graduate department like a little hamster burrowing in the wood shavings. Stay alert with your eye always poised for the next opportunity, whatever it is: to present a paper, attend a conference, meet a scholar in your field, forge a connection, gain a professional skill.

Ideally, the job hunt begins years before you graduate. Networking is very important: while you are in the middle to late phases of your graduate studies, try to get yourself noticed by professors and industry people at other sites. One way to do this is to offer to give a talk about your work at another site.

This is not that difficult to do, since most research places love to host seminars and bring in fresh ideas. Attending conferences and working elsewhere during the summer are other ways to get exposure. Make friends with graduate students and personnel at other schools. Make and carry your own business cards. Schmooze with important visitors during major site visits. That means I was the point of contact for many speakers who visited UNC and that helped me make contacts.

Networking is important because many jobs are found and filled that way. I got my position at HRL partially because I visited there, at my own expense, two years before I even started my job hunt. In most companies, the hiring authority resides with the manager who owns the job position, not with the Human Resources department.

HR can reject a candidate, but they cannot hire a candidate. As a hiring manager, my job is to only talk directly to candidates who are best qualified for the position. As a candidate, your job is to find the individual with the ability to hire and deal with that person directly, rather than solely with the HR department. When do you start asking for interviews? You can start when you are able to give a talk about your dissertation work.

The job hunt and interviewing process can take months; factor that into your time allocation. The job supply and demand situation can vary dramatically in a few years, and anything I say here about the job market today will likely be out of date by the time you read this.

For example, during the time I was initially job hunting end of to early , good positions were not easy to find. However, around the graphics job market became very strong, with many individuals getting multiple offers with high salaries. I know many friends who found good tenure-track positions that year.

So when I revised this guide in , I said the job market was strong with high demand. Of course, the tech industry went downhill at that point. So I no longer say anything about how strong or weak the job market appears to be. For example, my strength was in systems, so I chose to emphasize that in my cover letters.

Customize your approach to each site, if time permits. Try to get at least one reference from outside your university. This guide is not going to cover the basics of interviewing; you can get that from many books e. However, I will mention some tips. Be prepared for hard or illegal questions, by finding polite ways of addressing the underlying concern. Do your homework on each site before interviewing!

It continually amazes me that people show up for interviews without knowing anything about the institution they want to join. If the target is a research lab for a major company, you can easily look up Wall St. Journal articles, annual reports and stockbroker reports. If you interview at a university, get their course catalog and use their numbering scheme to describe the courses you can teach.

Interview to find out more about them, not just to sell yourself. Your minute research presentation is crucial; make sure you practice it thoroughly. Interviews create interviews. Broadcast this fact by keeping your interview schedule on your web page. There is an anecdote about one student who received offers to interview at many different places, but only after Stanford interviewed him!

Keep logs on who you talk to, what you talked about, and when. That makes it easier to keep things straight when juggling several contenders. The major conferences in your field are a good place to schedule preliminary interviews to get your foot in the door, because it is cheap for the company or university. The people you need to meet are already there, so that saves them the expense of having to fly you out and house you at their site. Offers are a waiting game. Be prepared for lots of frustration.

You need a written offer or nothing is official; you should also accept or reject in writing. Negotiate, but be aware of the strength or weakness of your position. I also recommend doing only one round of negotiating i. As a hiring manager, I can tell you that it is very frustrating when a candidate attempts to negotiate for a long time, and that can make an employer upset and possibly even rescind the offer.

Look at the entire package. Starting salary may not be as important as the type of work, the environment, benefits, growth potential, and work-life balance. Drug tests and other factors are becoming more common; you will have to decide how you want to respond to those.

Ah yes, salaries. Everybody wants to know about those. For academic tenure track salaries, you can get typical numbers from the annual Taulbee surveys , printed in the Computing Research News newsletter and the Communications of the ACM. Realize that these are 9-month salaries. Whether or not you can procure funding to cover 2 or 3 months of summer salary makes a big difference to your bottom line.

Also, professors can make money by consulting, although this is more common among established professors. Figures for industrial salaries are harder to come by. The Maisel and Gaddy references are the only ones I have found that specifically survey young Ph. Salaries depend heavily on geography. For example, salaries in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco are high. But before you decide to move to Palo Alto, remember that the cost of living there is also in the stratosphere.

When I first wrote this guide in , nice houses in the Silicon Valley in good areas cost more than half a million dollars. As a hiring manager, I will caution you against believing self-reported figures from sites such as Glassdoor. My experience is that those are not accurate and generally exaggerate salary figures. They also often confuse base salaries with total compensation that includes bonuses, stock and other benefits.

Acquire salary information on your own by making use of your network. Instead, bounce figures off people and see how they respond. Do they think the figure you mention is high, low, or about right? By seeing how people respond you can get an idea of what the market range is.

Factor in benefits and the expected workload into your compensation evaluation. An offer with high compensation may seem less attractive if you have to work 80 hour weeks in that position. You may have to do some detective work to determine the truth.

A company might say they value work-life balance, while the established culture tells you a different story: where people have to work 80 hour weeks to get promoted or to even keep up with expectations and deadlines. For many positions, particularly in Silicon Valley, variable compensation cash bonuses, restricted stock units and stock options make up a significant part of the total compensation, along with benefits.

Startups: Joining a startup, or starting your own company, is potentially the most lucrative route. It is also the riskiest. Most startups fail. Overall, the home runs are few, but they do occur. For example, I know some people who joined Oculus prior to it being acquired by Facebook. Startups are a very different work environment than established big companies.

They are typically small, informal, agile, and lacking in resources. They may be more flexible in work environment than most Fortune companies. But they are also less likely to have knowledgable HR personnel who ensure that laws are followed. A paycheck from a Fortune company is not likely to bounce. Startups tend to fire quickly and are more likely to shut down.

A startup has a limited amount of time and resources to establish itself so that it can become self sustaining or an acquisition target. That means it is not a place to pursue long-term research, no matter what the founders may say. The best analogy I heard: Joining a startup is like deciding to jump off a tall cliff with a bunch of other people, believing that you will successfully build working sets of wings and will soar away prior to hitting the ground.

You might also check the base of the cliff beforehand to see how many bodies you find there. Startups are not generally compatible with work-life balance. Due to the limited resources, startups have to demand more sacrifices than a more established company. By working in a startup, you will likely fall out of touch with the research community in your field and lose the state-of-the-art knowledge that you worked so hard to acquire by getting a Ph.

It is easier to go from a research background to a startup or commercial position than it is to go the other direction. Although old, the Kawasaki and Bell references listed at the end of this document may be useful if you want to work at a startup. We both had the same advisor. Unlike me, Matt did not finish his Ph. Instead, he left early to join a startup that had less than people at that time.

You might have heard of this startup. It was called Google. If you win the startup lottery, like Matt, he offers some advice here and here. I also like how Google prepared its employees prior to its IPO. Commercial businesses: Normal development or production jobs that focus on supporting or developing new products represent the vast majority of employment opportunities.

However, getting a Ph. Most people who seek a Ph. However, if your interests lie in business rather than research, this can be the best way to go. There are Ph. Advanced development jobs can be interesting and challenging, and they provide the satisfaction of seeing your work impact product or a company. Industrial or government research labs: These sit somewhere in between normal commercial jobs and academia.

Typically they enable you to look somewhat longer term than a normal job, publish papers, go to conferences, etc. However, these are managed environments, so your research work must tie into the business of the company or the mission of the lab. Reorganizations and changes in priorities can commonly occur, and you have to surf those changes to stay employed and viable. The compensation in industrial research can be good, generally much better than government positions or academia. But like commercial jobs or startups, your job can get cut at any time.

I worked at a lab where one day, without any warning, managers appeared and informed us that the company was shutting down our lab and that almost everyone would be laid off, including me. However, even if you focus on doing research that is important to your company, it is possible to achieve external recognition.

In this role, you should be ambitious to accomplish something rather than being ambitious to make yourself famous. Labs that are completely owned by commercial companies or ones that have mandated government funding generally have a consistent stream of funding until executives or politicians decide to change things. Other labs must rely on winning contracts, from other companies or from the government. That can be a volatile, frustrating way to work.

Academia: Working in universities is the traditional career path for Ph. A tenured professor is the most secure and stable research position that exists, and the one that grants the most freedom. Professors can choose what they want to work on. If you are focused on publishing and want to ensure that nobody can tell you what to do, then become a tenured professor.

If your main motivation is to become a very famous researcher, then become a tenured professor. However, tenure is not easy to achieve. Getting a tenure-track position is difficult. You have to be good and possibly lucky to get one. As I previously mentioned, postdoc experience is becoming an almost mandatory prerequisite. Read the Feibelman and Ralston references for tips on surviving a postdoc.

Furthermore, getting tenure is a race against the clock to publish enough impressive research results that your department decides to grant tenure rather than sending you out the door. As Randy Pausch put it, tenure is a competitive process where you get compared with the other assistant professors and the already-tenured professors. The tenure track is not kind to those who want to start a family. The realities of the biological clock tend to conflict with the demands required to achieve tenure.

Professor jobs tend to be focused either on research or teaching. Smaller colleges and universities tend to focus mostly on teaching, and professors are evaluated that way. Teaching positions generally pay less than the research positions at big universities, where professors are primarily evaluated by their research and how many trees they kill by publishing papers, and if their teaching is good enough to keep the dean from hearing complaints.

These lack the security of tenure and it can be difficult to stay alive on such funding. The comments I made about fundraising in industrial or government research labs also apply to academic positions. Most of my friends who are professors in the US have to spend far too much time writing proposals, and the percentage of those that are awarded seems to keep going down.

If you are tenured, then your job does not rely upon winning proposals, but without external money, you will not be able to support graduate students or pay for extra staff, and your impact will therefore be limited. If you want to get a tenure-track position, read The Professor Is In , a book that goes into great detail about how to land a tenure-track job.

The author also runs a blog and service to help students seeking to become professors. Keep in mind that the author has a background in the humanities, so if you are a CS Ph. For example, CS Ph. In CS, publications at certain conferences are valuable, whereas in the humanities, conference publications may not count for much.

Other tips: When I had to look for a job in , the single thing I did that was most helpful to my job hunt was creating my own website. My website serves as a visual version of a C. This is a much more compelling way of communicating who I am and what I can offer.

As a hiring manager, I found it very helpful when candidates had good websites about themselves. LinkedIn is sufficient for many job hunters, but for people with a Ph. The article The Secret Formula for Choosing the Right Next Role ACM digital library access required suggests that when choosing jobs, focus more on what skills you will acquire, what you can accomplish there and who you will work with, rather than focusing on your job title, paycheck and initial project.

No matter where you go after you graduate, maintain your contacts with your alma mater. You may change jobs and move from place to place, but you will always have your degree from your university. If you keep good relations with your university and your fellow former students, that will serve as an excellent base for your personal network. Collins and Jerry I. Picture a martial artist kneeling before the master sensei in a ceremony to receive a hard-earned black belt.

After years of relentless training, the student has finally reached a pinnacle of achievement in the discipline. The sensei waits for more. Clearly, he is not satisfied. Finally, the sensei speaks. Return in one year. The sensei says nothing for many minutes, waiting. Finally, he speaks. A year later, the student kneels once again in front of the sensei.

First, the Ph. Get out sooner, rather than later. Second, if you bother to talk to and learn from the people who have already gone through this process, you might graduate two years earlier. Adams, Scott. Portfolio Hardcover, Allen, David. Penguin Books, Bell, C. Gordon and John McNamara.

Addison-Wesley, ISBN A fun read, giving the flavor of what working in the Silicon Valley is like. Many of the chapters previously appeared as articles in Wired. A snapshot of the culture before the tech bubble burst in Covey, Stephen R. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Fireside Simon and Schuster, Excellent overall, with sections on time management, guiding principles and interpersonal skills.

Feibelman, Peter J. A Guide to Survival in Science. Heath, Chip and Dan Heath. Random House, Hong, Jason. Communications of the ACM 56 , 7 July , Jones, Anita. Communications of the ACM 56 , 2 February , Postdocs are becoming almost mandatory prior to getting a tenure track position in computer science.

This is not good. Kawasaki, Guy. Harper Perennial, Describing the situation in the early days of Apple, this book shows the energy and chutzpah required to survive in a startup. Good description of the skills that are needed to excel at work, which go beyond sheer technical skills. Kroeger, Otto and Janet M. Tilden Press, Introduction to the Myers-Briggs type indicators, useful for understanding different personality traits.

Maisel, Herbert and Catherine Gaddy. Communications of the ACM 40 , 9 September , Employment and Salaries of Recent Doctorates. Communications of the ACM 41 , 11 November , Two surveys about new C. The low sample size is a problem, however. This is also old data. Matsudaira, Kate. Communications of the ACM 61 , 10 October , When choosing jobs, focus more on the team and the skills you can acquire and what you can accomplish, rather than the project, your job title and your paycheck.

Pascarelli, Emil and Deborah Quilter. John Wiley and Sons, Pastore, Robert R. PCM Capital Publishing. This is an excellent reference for those of you fortunate enough to have a bundle of stock options. Give me a few options as a tip for finding this book, ok? Ralston, Anthony. Communications of the ACM 39 , 3 March , A must read if you are looking for tenure track positions. Weinstein, Bob. McGraw-Hill, White, Pepper. Plume Penguin Books , While this is not about C.

Yate, Martin. Bob Adams, Inc. Good generic guide to job hunting and interviews, including a long section on interview questions. To address this issue, the government and society should make a concerted effort to find solutions. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Some people believe that [law can change human behaviour] , while others hold the view that [law cannot change human behaviour]. In my opinion, [the law can change human behaviour] due to several reasons.

For example, a well-known American celebrity once said, "[People are generally afraid of receiving any form of legal punishment]". It is thus clearly shown that [the law can change human behaviour]. As far as society is concerned, the ultimate aim of [the law] is to [protect people]. Undoubtedly, this is a clear indication that [the law can change human behaviour]. However,the benefit is that the digital signals can be manipulated,created and read by computers and computer hardware.

Nutrition,behavior and depression were assessed using three different scales which have been shown to be reliable and are frequently used with the cognitive impaired. Papayas that are cut should smell sweet,not bad or fermented. It passes the cities of Wasau and Stevens Point. The muskrat is one animal that lives here.

The person will need to be able to use a camera to document fashion seen on the street. However,many heavy metal bands do not like to do this. Norton initially made a living as a businessman,but he lost his fortune investing in Peruvian rice. She was nominated for 12 Academy Awards,winning four. They usually live alone. Surprisingly,the graphite in a pencil that you use for drawing or wirting is also Carbon,just arranged differently.

She has since refused to drive if he will be in the car. Kit was their sixth. This allows a computer to multi-task using more,or bigger,programs than would normally be possible. I would feel more comfortable if we opted for an alternate builder. In older people,it does appear to decrease depression.

Altogether,she was soveregin of 32 nations. It is possible to see the private chambers,or bedrooms,where the family and their most important guests slept. These rights are collectively referred to as Parliamentary Privilege.

Studies are being conducted on the effects of the ubiquitous pre-recorded music they encounter and whether or not it is intruding on their desire to make their own music or interact with each other on the playground. In some countries around the world,men and women tend to have their children late in life. Japan has a significantly better record in terms of average mathematical attainment than England and Wales.

This guide covers the traits and skills that separate the star graduate students from the ordinary ones. Initiative, tenacity, flexibility, interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and communication skills are all critical and not things that universities typically test for in selecting incoming students.

This guide explains the characteristics of these four career choices. If you spend 15 minutes reading the rest of this guide, you might increase your chances of successfully completing the Ph. Why get a Ph. Read on! The next several sections discuss these traits. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People The dissertation represents a focused, personal research effort where you take the lead on your own, unique project.

My strength lies solely in my tenacity. Patterson, published in the Fall issue of The Bent: I first learned of the capricious, human side of organizations some 15 years ago while studying the careers of engineers and scientists. I did not plan any of this. Luck definitely was a factor. But the key points are: I did something that got myself noticed in a positive way by top professors in my field.

Because I showed potential, they decided to take a chance on me by providing opportunities. And most importantly, I did the work to exploit these opportunities. Brooks, Jr. But here are a few basic points: Organization counts. Within the first few paragraphs or first few minutes, tell me why I should read your paper or listen to your talk.

Make it clear where we are going and what we have already covered. Make the text in your slides large enough so that people sitting in the back can read them. For large presentation halls, this usually means no more than lines per slide and 28 point type minimum. Variety retains interest. Vary your pace, tone, and volume. Emphasize the important points. Look around the room. Throw in some video, pictures, or live examples.

Point out the limitations of your work. That helps your credibility. Similarly, credit others where appropriate. But if anything goes wrong, the entire audience looks back at the control room. Always check in early and test the equipment. Tell them what you are going to do in your presentation e. Make sure you know how everything works long before you come up to the podium.

The Ph. Instead, I will describe two consistent but unfortunate trends I have observed since graduating: Tenure-track positions are increasingly requiring candidates to do one or more postdocs: This trend has been documented by Anita Jones in the article The Explosive Growth of Postdocs in Computer Science ACM Digital Library subscription required. Since , hiring of Ph. The requirements for a tenure-track position appear to have been redefined to make one or more postdocs nearly mandatory.

This has been the case in other disciplines for a long time, but it is relatively new for Computer Science. This delays a Ph. Industrial research positions have become difficult to find: Overall, most businesses focus on the short term. Therefore, the trend has been to cut back or close industrial research labs.

Big companies increasingly rely on letting startups attempt certain kinds of innovation and then partnering with or acquiring those. Companies also pursue innovation through advanced development groups that are different than traditional research labs.

For Computer Science Ph. You are now ready to receive the black belt and begin your work. Good luck. Other Related Guides and Links Prof. HT Kung from Harvard provides advice about the Ph. D in systems. Matt Might is a professor who offers a large number of articles about graduate school and other topics. Scroll down to the section on Graduate School to find his articles. Dilbert meets graduate school. It is hilarious because too much of this is true. However, if you want to finish your Ph.

The superb Graduate Student Resources on the Web! Humor Lord of the Rings as an allegory for getting the Ph. An interesting description of systems and skills that correlate with success in life. David Allen describes his methods to stay organized and productive. Dated, but still recommended reading if you want to work for a startup.

Bronson, Po. The Nudist on the Late Shift. EE Times produces an annual survey and commentary about industrial salaries. Good discussion of research career paths. A must read if you choose to take a postdoc. A good reference on how to craft a message so that it is remembered. Kelley, Robert E. How to be a star engineer. Kelsky, Karen. The Professor Is In. Three Rivers Press, Read this if you want a tenure-track position at a university.

Lyons, Dan. Hachette Books, A good introduction to RSI injuries and avoiding them. Wasserman, Noah. Princeton University Press, This book details key decisions and pitfalls in starting your own company. Please keep sorted. Systems America, Inc.

Pro Webcam Live! Motion Vibra Plus Webcam Live! Cam Voice Live! Cam Vista IM Live! Cam Video IM Live! Cam Optia Live! Cam Notebook [VF] c Live! I study business and finance, and I plan to continue my education toward an MBA. The Results: We deliver what you expect. On time.

Within budget. No surprises. The Long-Term Benefits: Improved business. More reliable. How should I be spending my time in my current job, and what schooling should I look for a year from now? In a small shop, you can be the top IS leader and still remain close to the firing lines.

Is this an increasing trend? A: Upon losing a chief information officer, the vast majority of enterprises will quickly move to either promote from within or engage the services of an executive search company to look outside the organization. It is generally viewed as more disruptive to bring a short-term, temporary CIO from the outside and create change, only to repeat the process a few months later when the search is completed.

What to do? A: Well, first let me congratulate you on your promotion. Second, let me counsel you that the next skill for you to acquire is patience. I know, I know. Your technical expertise, which spans far more than your one year of on-the-job training, has indeed been recognized.

As they say, there is no substitute for experience. Volunteer yourself and watch what happens. In repairs, loss of worker productivity and, worst of all, loss of customer confidence. We've teamed with the world's leading security management company, Internet Security Systems ISS , to offer you a complete package of affordable security solutions. We'll install and maintain firewalls, keep an eye on your network traffic to detect suspicious activity and provide protection against network viruses.

We'll even help you enforce your company's Internet usage policy. And our staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because hackers never sleep. I have 15 years experience and plan to stay with my current employer until retirement. I am returning to college for my MBA next year. Which MBA specialty would most help me advance my career?

Let your head and heart drive that decision, and then concentrate your studies on the appropriate and corresponding content. Have a career question? Visit our website at www. I am also a new mother and would like to use the program to gain IT knowledge and skills that allow me to work from my home and spend more time with my child and eventually children while earning a decent income.

What types of jobs and careers are best suited for a telecommuting scenario? A: If you were a current corporate employee about to go on maternity leave, you and your employer would do well to set up any number of scenarios for continuing your work. During my schooling, I have dreamed of becoming a CIO. A: In many ways, the advice you have received is pointed in the right direction. The broad category of analyst covers a lot of ground, and your best bet for leveraging your fine academic credentials and fulfilling your avowed vocational interests would be a position as a business analyst or, as it is often called, a business systems analyst.

To complicate matters, this type of position often reports to the business side rather than IT. As for becoming a CIO, spend some time in analysis before you cast that one in concrete. She can be reached at kkotwica cio. Silverline Technologies Ltd. Those who connnit now to a qualified IT partner, and a well-planned strategy, will maintain their competitive edge.

Those who wait may pay dearly. Call TM mission build an online channel for 20 million allstate customers critical use servers that scale as fast as the channel expands. Patent and Trademark Office. Vendors often can offer such scale advantages by reusing code or sharing risk across a large book of contracts, for example.

If the answer isn't 10, you need to find out about Hummingbird's platform independent software solutions. Visit www. Hummingbird Hummingbird Where the future of e-Business takes flight Expert Advice ducing it or purchasing it. Some of these are frictional costs: It costs more to administer contract employees than it does to use in-house staffers, for example.

There are also risk-based costs. That is, there may be a greater risk of deliberate contractual abuse, for profit, by an Once a contract has begun, there are frequently few alternatives available to the client but to continue with the vendor that was originally selected. The Risks of Outsourcing Risks associated with outsourcing contracts are principally one of the following three types: 1. Opportunistic repricing or holdup. When a company enters into a long-term contract, it is not uncommon for the vendor to try to change the terms at some point.

What makes these risks possible? In general, each occurs when the vendor sees a profitable opportunity that could not have been predicted or prevented by the terms of the contract. Second, there must be some form of uncertainty; shirking is a poor strategy if it can be detected and punished.

Unfortunately, the difficulty and expense of careful monitoring mean that detection with certainty is rarely possible. And, as is the case with shirking, poaching occurs when there is uncertainty in detection or precontractual uncertainty as to what actions might be possible and attractive for the vendor later on. There must also be some change in power that enables the vendor to demand and win this increase in payment.

This often occurs by way of a phenomenon called postcontractual small numbers bargaining: Once a contract has begun, there are frequently few alternatives available to the client but to continue with the vendor that was originally selected. This lack of alternatives can occur for any of several reasons. The client may have made a sunk cost investment of some form, for example, such as buying hardware with limited resale or salvage value that works effectively only with software provided by the vendor.

Managing the Risks When you outsource application development, any and all of the above risks are possible. Fortunately, there are a few simple guidelines that can substantially improve your chances of success: 1. Understand the project. How do you choose a UPS when you can't even guess how many critical systems you'll have to support next year?

The modular design allows you to configure Nfinity to match your changing power needs, and all modules are hot- swappable, allowing for uninterrupted performance when you service or expand the system.

No other UPS achieves that tremendous breadth of reliability. Nfinity offers superior value. You're also backed by Liebert's service organization - trained and staffed to support you 24x7x For complete product information, visit our website at www. Nfinity - the easily scalable, incredibly intelligent, remarkably redundant UPS that takes systems availability to the next level.

All rights reserved throughout the world. Specifications subject to change without notice. All names referred to are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. NF3 www. This is crucial to providing reasonable incentives for meaningful measures of performance.

Using a third-party information processor to manage client relationships can allow another party to have access to your customer history and pick off your best accounts. Divide and conquer. Dividing a large project into smaller, more manageable pieces will greatly reduce programmatic risk. In principle, completion of each independent chunk creates the possibility that subsequent development work will be handed off to a different developer.

Each chunk should have specific objectives and quality metrics, and each piece should be independent, in the sense that companies would have to absorb only tolerable increases in development costs should they choose to switch vendors after one or more chunks has been completed. Moreover, by assessing checkpoints at the completion of each chunk, the company can detect quality problems and reduce the risk of shirking or underperformance.

Align incentives. What you want to do is pay for incremental sales. It is difficult to define incremental sales or determine the basis of compensation for your call center operators. In short, for all its attractiveness, there are a number of potential costs and risks associated with outsourcing. The above guidelines can help keep those risks under control. One final tip: When in doubt, hiring an honorable and well- managed vendor with a reputation to preserve may be your best protection.

H0 Eric K. Clemons is professor of operations and information management at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. E-mail feedback to Executive Editor Derek Slater at dslater cio. Imagine the ability to marry your legacy systems to modern networks. Imagine transforming your massive data burden into a competitive advantage. Imagine dramatically cutting your time to market. Imagine writing one set of code that reaches all Internet enabled devices.

Imagine automating an incredibly tedious task that's been stifling your growth for years. Now imagine a world where what you can imagine is what you can accomplish. Their sources of information have never been greater. And their access to your competitors has never been faster. Furthermore, our 3-D visualization technologies bring information and analyses to life and give customers, staff, and suppliers the opportunity to perceive it in all its many dimensions rather than simply view it.

So it seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and applications to leverage your investment, regardless of underlying technologies. To find out more about how Computer Associates can help you get closer to your customer and empower your staff, visit www.

All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies. In,dja Bypassed by the industrial age, India has the opportunity and the ambition to be a major player in the information age. Amid poverty, sickness and the occasional riot, they met with leaders in IT, government and business who have high hopes for India's future as an information age powerhouse.

Eleven stories high and fighting to stand in a monsoon wind, I survey greater Hyderabad and see just how much the IT industry has changed India. Below me, in the Cyber Towers itself, is a vibrant glass-and-steel complex already aglow from the energy of such big-name tenants as General Electric, Microsoft and Oracle.

Ten years ago, none of these things existed. It was only nine years ago that ex-Prime Minister P. India enchants visitors because it is—pardon the cliche—a country of contrasts. These devices have not been approved by the Federal Communications Commission for use In a residential environment. These devices are not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased for use In a residential environment until the approval of the FCC has been obtained. But Dell can make it a lot easier.

They can grow as easily as your e-business grows. PowerApp Web and cache for turnkey Internet applications We also make it easier with everything from custom integration of your operating system options online to service centers that let you test your solution before you buy.

Not to mention our on-site service and pre-failure alert program. All of which is why companies like Monster. Why not make the care and feeding of your e-business a lot easier? Pick a contrast any contrast and India probably has it. India can be an IT superpower. And, yet, how far and fast can the IT industry grow in a country where the lights and phone lines fail daily?

How many knowledge workers can be created from a population with a more than 35 percent illiteracy FACT: In , 1, Indian companies exported software. Ramanan, vice president of Tata Consultancy Services. This is a local custom practiced by individuals whose first names are so long they are difficult to pronounce and fit on business cards. Ramanan, for instance, introduces himself as "Ramanan"—we have chosen to follow suit.

From LAN switches to telephony systems to Internet gateways, every piece is eager to grow and even more eager to exploit the Internet to its fullest. Want to turbocharge your network? Just talk to your 3Com reseller or click 3Com. For Cheryl Bentsen and myself, the two CIO writers who toured the country in August and September to prepare this special report, India presented a whole new set of opportunities and challenges. You can read about some of our adventures in the travel dispatches we filed from India.

Find these online at www. For CIO readers, we believe India presents a compelling story. But do you understand what challenges remain in trying to do business in India? These are among the topics we cover in this special report. After you read this package and react to it, please send us your thoughts. Where will India be in another nine years? Share your thoughts with Senior Editors Tom Field tfield cio. Applications online: January 2, , at www. And no good time to do it.

Could you ever afford that downtime? The streets of Mumbai—or Bombay, as many English-speaking Indians still prefer to call the financial capital—are decked out with bright lights. Every stall hawks small Ganesh statues, which are considered auspicious gifts. A shopkeeper throws in the cheaper variety with the silver bracelet I buy.

In the early morning of Sept. I resolve to stay in low-rises for the rest of my stay in India. Based on growth during the past year, previous estimates of 17 million Internet connections in India by have been jacked up to 70 million connections in the same period. In fewer than half a dozen venture capital VC companies were in India; today there are more than Indians such as Sabeer Bhatia, 41, who three years ago sold Hotmail.

When you deliver the information people need, they'll thank you for it. And they may even send you cards. COm WW W. Dealing with arty other ISP will be at owners risk. L nconet. The IT industry employs , workers. Most Indians have no access to telephones or the Internet. Cell phones, introduced in , now have some 2. India has around 1 million Internet subscribers with an estimated 3. And for all its prowess in software, Indians have few computers.

India has only 4. But Indians do own 80 million TVs. With 37 million cable TV installations, India ranks No. The problem, of course, is infrastructure. This is how businesses manage change— a dynamic network, a limitless network ot business connections, all powered by the ebusiness platform from Vitria.

Private businesses were recently allowed to operate gateways but will rely on VSNL for bandwidth until new stations are in place. Privacy seems of no concern. Ragged dogs, some with deep gaping sores, slumber inches from traffic. Women scrub laundry on cement; barbers squat on their haunches before customers, dipping razors into cups of soapy dark water.

There is a wondrous sociability about the whole enterprise. According to The World Bank, India has the highest concentration of poverty of any country, with more than a third of its one billion population living below the official poverty line. India also leads the world in population growth at 16 million people each year. Bias against women and girls is reflected in the demographic ratio of females for every 1, males. Female infanticide is partly to blame. Diseases such as leprosy, tuberculosis, cataract blindness and malaria continue to plague India.

Two-thirds of polio cases reported worldwide in were there. Pollution is also a serious problem. A city of contrasts, Mumbai has both cosmopolitan charm and miles of slums. With timely insight and accurate data, ProactiveNet reduces the time eBay spends diagnosing potential performance bottlenecks. So what are you using? India, hobbled by its infrastructure, will account for just 4. I look at the slums and think I would lose my mind living like this.

Many Indians were killed, though one resourceful woman buried in mud used her mobile phone to summon help. This is a country where rail-thin barefoot men wearing only loin cloths construct modern office towers, where Indian women haul debris from a construction site in trays balanced on their heads. His company has withstood power outages and confiscation of import consignments for its refusal to bribe.

He is described as a regular guy with simple tastes, a man who has been observed at the airport patiently waiting for a driver. Though he manages to stay above the near hysteria that surrounds hopes for the Internet and e-commerce, he is closely watching the burgeoning VC market in India. But I suppose they are generating opportunities for people. The current favorite is 3-year-old Rediff. Competition is almost impossibly fierce. Your e-Business infrastructure needs to give you a competitive edge.

Example: A telecommunications giant was having trouble delivering information Only, it wasn't a satellite or fiber optic problem. It was an e-Business problem For the solution, they came to Actuate. Now, internal sales reps and third party agents get commissions data online - eliminating millions of printed pages.

The billing processes for their wholesale long distance carriers have been streamlined. And customers have instant access to usage and service information. Actuate's information delivery solutions provide the security, performance and manageability to support hundreds of thousands of users - combining information from an unlimited number of sources.

To find out why the top telecommunications companies use Actuate, go to www. How information flows on the Internet s Actuate Corporation. Actuate is a registered trademark of Actuate Corporation. For the enterprise, this is a potential boon; Web- empowered customers are allowed to set their own schedules, use their own favorite medium to retrieve information, and use the Web to serve themselves, as well as deepen their relationships with businesses.

Companies can even leverage existing databases and customer background, more effectively mining and deepening existing information. Often taken for granted, the call center industry plays an important role in our economy. For full story visit: www. But that was during the prehistoric era of websites.

Oh, about five years ago. Now, of course, the stakes are much higher. Countless customers can be gained or lost based on whose website is or isn't running. So as the leader of the digital generation, WorldCom helps prevent crashes from happening in the first place. Not just data centers all over the world. But the far more critical, human element: an all-star team of web hosting experts that blue chip companies trust with their mission-critical applications.

Not burn you. For more details, visit us at www. Its model is Yahoo. Among the more aggressive newcomers is Indiainfo. In the past year it acquired eight companies, and the staff grew to Its founders are B. Last April, in Bangalore, they launched India- info. JM Morgan Stanley has bought a 7. A third partner is V. Meanwhile, an IPO was put on hold. You need to be conservative. It will be quality. Indian IT companies learned early on that strong processes and high quality would keep the world interested and provide repeat business.

Cost is a big factor but not the deciding factor. The IT industry in India is being built exactly this way. Basic security technology works up to a point, but what happens when you have millions of users visiting your back office systems daily? Secure Computing delivers safe, secure extranets for your growing e-business needs. As your extranet channels grow, so will your level of protection. Give your partners the green light. With Secure Computing you have world-class e-security solutions today, as well as scalability for tomorrow.

For more information, visit our Web site today, ifinnnnf. Safe, secure extranets for e-business. The corporate titans received the fanfare normally accorded heads of state. Beggars and hooligans were rounded up. Hopes were high. Last summer, electricity cost hikes in the reform-minded southern state of Andhra Pradesh resulted in riots and four deaths. B2B is in a nascent state, while B2C is still negligible. In its most recent corruption perceptions index, Transparency International listed India as tied with the Philippines for 69th among 5 the worst out of listed countries.

Vittal has turned to IT to fight cor- s ruption. Posted on the CVC website www. Tech-savvy professionals. We can enlighten you too. For details, visit us at www. This information should not be construed as an offer or commitment to provide services.

Absolutely Brilliant. Indian villagers are also using the Internet to register complaints. In Hyderabad you saw riots over the power reforms. But in IT there has been no resistance because everyone feels this is the future for India. Today the son or daughter of a small clerk in an office or even a farmer who is minimally exposed to what is happening around the world would like to have computer education, would like to be part of this revolution.

A nation moves when all the people desire movement. It has become a part of our aspiration. Is the IT revolution passing them by? Not entirely. Increasingly, villagers are finding ways to improve their lives with the Internet. Indian farmers use the Internet through low-cost public kiosks to check market prices and make decisions on where to haul and sell their produce.

Farmers in some 20 villages in Madya Pradesh use e-mail to order fertilizer, contact officials IT is one sector where the entire country has somehow united in desiring progress. Even in urban areas, where cities account for 62 percent of deposits and 70 percent of loans and advances, networking and connectivity are a challenge.

ICICI, the first Internet bank—and the first Indian company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange—has , Internet banking customers out of a total of , , according to Chanda Kochhar, general of the e-commerce division. For us the question is not whether the base of Internet users will grow to 11 mil- lion users by as Nasscom predicts, but what the likely user base will be in ," says Kochhar. Traditional training was too slow; hiring new employees too expensive.

Lockheed Martins solution: a business-smart process called reskilling. It uses real projects to teach new skills, guided by experienced coaches. The result: competitiveness sharply higher across the company, and a workforce with lower turnover. To see what Lockheed Martin IT expertise can do for you, visit www. To triumph in the Internet economy, you need an intelligent network that gives you the agility to connect you and your suppliers seamlessly — so they intuitively respond to your every need as it arises.

An intelligent network that has the security and scalability to deliver proven Virtual Private Network solutions. An intelligent network with beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt reliability. How can your network become so intelligent? With Cisco. Whether you're building your enterprise network or extending it with Cisco Powered Network services, we have the technologies and resources you need to transform your supply chain management capabilities.

Discover all that's possible on the Internet at www. A portrait of the late guru Shirdi Sai Baba, of whom Mehta is a devoted follower, hangs on the wall. The Hindu holy book, the Bhagavad Gita, occupies a corner of the desk. According to Mehta, a third of Silicon Valley startups last year were created by people of Indian origin. However, Mehta sees more to IT than the minting of new billionaires—he believes that IT can help the poor and eradicate illiteracy in India.

Yet more than half of Indian women are illiterate; about 40 million primary school-age children are not in school. Child labor is a continuing problem, as is widespread teacher absenteeism. But Mehta does not skimp on ideas. He recently negotiated a joint venture between MIT and the Indian government— Media Lab India Project—that will work as a development center for regional language software and low-cost technology projects, with Microsoft, Infosys Technologies and Wipro the latter two are both Indian-based companies providing technical assistance.

Did you know that India has the largest movie industry in the world? With the potential in IT, there is a lot of research that needs to be done to facilitate better moviemaking. Who could ask for more? Because as a leading wireless integration and engineering company, we re constantly working with the new Internet infrastructure providers, wireless application developers, network carriers and device manufacturers to put all the pieces together.

Just like we have for projects like wireless supply chain management, sales force automation, transaction-based solutions and business s t e. To get our free wireless primer or more information, go to www. Or call And see all the ways we can get your wireless show on the road.

Avaya V '. So you can stay connected with everyone you need to. Your customers. Your vendors. With no barriers to moving information around. Networks Now they're talkiog. Such was the price Indians paid for trying to do business with the world—and vice versa. But times have changed. Import duties were slashed today the Indian customer pays no duties on imported software , and licensing processes were streamlined to actually encourage foreign companies to do business in India.

In , the Indian rupee became a convertible currency. Since then, even some long-protected industries such as power generation and telecommunications have at least begun to be deregulated and privatized. Today, India is awash in foreign investment. Literally scores of U. Yet balancing these opportunities, several significant challenges remain for foreign companies wanting to do business in India.

These are just two of the obvious issues. Clearly, whether selling goods, setting up a satellite office, transplanting employees or hiring native workers, foreign business leaders encounter a daunting series of political, economic and cultural hurdles that can impede—if not halt— operations. Any profits made by a foreign company in India must therefore be funneled back into the Indian-based enterprise. This might seem elementary, but the Indian government is quite explicit that it will not subsidize foreign companies doing business in India.

Even visiting businesspeople are forced to produce documentation that then- parent companies will assume their expenses while in India. So eager is India to grow its IT industry that the central government and individual states have created lucrative incentive packages to lure big businesses to set up shop there. Located in such far-flung cities as Calcutta, Kanpur and Pune, these STPs combine Indian- and foreign-owned software companies in regulated developments that include reliable infrastructure, duty-free zones and special income tax breaks for member companies.

At the state level, in Karnataka, home state of Bangalore which bills itself as the Silicon Valley of India , new not just foreign companies that employ a minimum of native IT workers are eligible for discounted or even free land for building office space. They also qualify for scalable breaks in registrations charges, zoning regulations and tariffs. Hyderabad also has given telecom companies free rights of way to lay fiber-optic cables throughout the state.

Says J. And see www. No arguments dissuaded customs officials, and ultimately the items were abandoned. To get around infrastructure issues, most major Indian companies have installed backup generators and either leased private phone lines from the central government or invested in satellite communications links.

We have hundreds of customers who report impressive results. But here's one in-depth story of how a Document Centre solution reduced one organization's work-cycle time from three days to just three minutes. In a world of intranets and extranets, of e-commerce and the Internet, you need state-of-the-art technology and expertise to manage and share the documents that contain the knowledge in your organization.

The Xerox Document Centre is a digital platform engineered from the ground up to eliminate the barriers between your paper and online documents. Call us or visit our Web site for more information. And see how much you can increase productivity and control cost just by getting all your company's documents online. Each year up to 1, new folders are added. Every day, dozens of people call and request files. And it must be done for 25 years. The commitment of time, space and personnel is large and growing.

This gives you a search engine for all your documents. Now when people need a document, they just check off the file they need on a FlowPort cover sheet, scan it into the Document Centre, and FlowPort software finds and sends the requested electronic file to a server that can print, e-mail or store the document.

What's more, once the file is stored, DocuShare lets you manage it on the Web, giving authorized users instant access for viewing, downloading and printing documents from anywhere at any time. The Result: A process that used to take three days can now be completed instantaneously.

Documents are accessed and shared electronically. Paper is eliminated while collaborative work processes are made simpler. Security is improved. Those 20 file cabinets are soon history. Costs are lowered. Time is saved. Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corp. Adobe and Postscript are trademarks of Adobe Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Document Centre models are either newly manufactured or remanufactured and contain both new components and recycled components that are reconditioned.

It calls for ing enterprise network performance, building ligent communication infrastructure to service stomers and suppliers, and strategic use of network options. All other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. Cell phones and other personal digital assistants are ubiquitous among Indian businesspeople, who will be quick to embrace wireless technologies and standards as they emerge.

This is because every visitor needs a special visa from the Indian Consulate General. Yet these visas are not necessarily easy to obtain because of bureaucratic red tape. Typically, travel visas take 15 working days to process, but expedited service is available. For more on travel visas, see www.

Once in India, domestic air travel is every bit as reliable or not as what we deal with in the United States or United Kingdom. Armed guards are everywhere in and outside the terminals, checked and carry-on bags are examined at least twice, and passengers generally are frisked before being allowed even into the departure lounges. Frequently, checked bags must be identified by their owners outside the terminal sometimes on the runway! That's where Informatica comes in. We give you instant access to all of your information no matter where it is.

Delivered to you no matter where you are. So you can make informed decisions. See the whole picture now, at www. Or call 1 And although stomach disorders are a rite of passage for most visitors, the hotel restaurants do adhere to basic health standards, and they serve plenty of bottled water—a must in India, where tap water even for teeth-brushing is always suspect.

Do not let your employees drive in India. The streets are way too congested I with cars, trucks, motorbikes, bicycles, pedestrians and livestock, plus the local driving customs lots of horns, Do not drive in India. The streets are already too congested, plus the local driving customs are puzzling to most foreigners. When first arriving in India, call ahead to your hotel and arrange for a pickup a driver will show up outside the terminal, holding a sign with your name on it , or go directly to the prepaid taxi booth inside the terminal and pay a set fee tip included.

Do not just leave the terminal and expect to hail a passing cab. Once settled in, rent a driver, not a car. The sheer volume of pollution, people and poverty would be sensory overload for many foreigners on extended stays in India. These days, with ubiquitous e-mail and viable videoconferencing, companies are advised to hire locally and manage remotely.

Do be aware, though, that the Western concept of teamwork is foreign to some Indians. How do you make him work as a team? That is a challenge for us to face. If anything, Indian businesspeople work more days and longer hours than we do, and they rarely turn off their telephones. Now, Network Appliances seamless data management and content delivery systems fit any size business.

Our latest collection of appliances scales easily from tens to hundreds of terabytes. With no added system complexity or downtime. And without stretching your resources. Giving you simple, reliable, end-to-end solutions that are as at home in the world of big business as they are in the smallest of startups. Anywhere around the world. To learn more about information management your business can't outgrow - no matter how much it grows - call Or visit us at www.

NetworkAppliance 0 Network Appliance. Then he takes a lunch break, a tea break and ends up staying late at night to get the work done. Not only was the couple exiled, but their families were excommunicated as well. While more a part of everyday life in the villages, castes still play significant roles in the cities—and in business. City streets are lined with lower-caste women who sweep the dusty roads with flimsy hand brooms.

And frankly, the recent influx of IT wealth has only widened this gulf in favor of those Indians who are fortunate enough to work in the IT sector. Some observers are optimistic that IT dollars will have a trickle-down effect and improve the standard of living for all Indians. Others foresee only greater disparity and displays of social unrest.

Just this past August, the city of Bangalore was shut down for two days by rioters upset by the kidnapping of local film star Rajkumar. Kailas- nathan, vice president of IT at Titan Industries, a Bangalore-based watchmaker, feels the riots were less about the kidnapping and more about the growing frustration of the have-nots in the Silicon Valley of India.

We love a challenge. Rather than pull all the information into one, sluggish database, we built a common index with a parallel query mechanism all three databases could understand. Allowing results to be posted in less than three seconds. How do we make the impossible seem easy? Or visit us at lavastorm.

IN THE twsmggsm Some vendors try to force their "best practice" solutions on you and re-engineer your business processes. We view this as counterproductive. A suftware vendur shuuldn Gall iWhpontrin www. Prizedjobs L Sept. IT India has developed a global reputation for producing the best and brightest IT minds.

And those contrasts are nowhere more stark than between the poverty that tarnishes its rural and urban landscape and the promise that defines its global IT industry. Since it is widely known that IT careers pay much better than virtually any other profession, IT is where many of them set their hopes. If they have what it takes and aspire to earn big money, they basically have two choices: medicine or IT. Until recently, those who opted for IT had few options. These state-run schools graduate 2, IT engineers per year.

Recently, the rules have changed. Since the Indian IT industry took off in the mid- s, the central and state government have loosened their grip on education. Even the prestigious IITs have difficulty recruiting and retaining qualified teachers from the private industry. Of those 2, who gain admission, just 5 percent are women and only As a result, the odds Indian students face in IT are better than in most other professional opportunities.

Pity the Children For most Indian students, the winnowing process begins at age 4. Youngsters generally attend school six days a week, enjoy far fewer days off than their U. Even in the poorest Indian villages, education is embraced as the one accessible mean to greater wealth, so the pressure to succeed is great. There are six of them—the oldest at Kharagpur was established in , while the youngest at Guwahati is only 6 years The demand for an IT education is growing faster than India's schools can supply faculty and classrooms.

Chartered by the federal government and funded by a combination of public and private endowments, the IITs are hell on prospective entrants, but heaven for those lucky few who gain entry. An IIT degree is such a ticket to success in the new, global IT industry that India frequently trots out the boast unsupported by any evidence that the IITs produce more millionaires per capita than any university in the world.

Ten hours of pretesting per week—that was the regimen. Today, applicants take a multiple choice exam of three hours, followed by three two-hour essay exams over a two-day period. More than , students take the exam each year, but only 2, gain entry into one of the IITs. And ranking absolutely counts. Sanghi was one of the lucky ones. Not only did he pass, but he was selected to attend IIT-Madras at Chennai, the most respected of the schools. Graduating after four years in , Sanghi went to the Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad for a post-graduate degree in management.

In , he left India for a corporate planning and mergers and acquisitions job at a Hong Kong finance company. It opens doors The result: dramatically improved and integrated eCommerce and eCRM capabilities. All without complicated code or costly deployment. Aspect eBusiness Architect. Suddenly, this whole eBusiness thing just clicks.

The pressure is on to boost enrollment and create new software engineers to fill new jobs. And so now the IITs, which have cherished their exclusivity, are under increasing pressure from the central government to open their doors while maintaining high standards. Natarajan, director of the IIT-Madras. And while many expats such as Sanghi have recently returned to India to head Internet startups, some observers question whether they will stay if and when the dotcom boom goes bust.

The other big challenge is growth. The Madras school has been asked by the central government to triple enrollment over the next 10 years. Of the , who take the ITT entrance exam each year, probably 20, could qualify for admission, Natarajan says.

Fie smiles, gestures, beams. For the guy on the right, that means Digex is the company he-and hundreds of IT professionals like him-goes to for the deployment and hosting of secure, scalable and high performance Web sites, intranets, extranets and Web-enabled enterprise systems. Give us a call. For a limited time, you can get special pricing and a chance to win a genuine Shaq-signed NBA basketball. Just call ext. Cisco and their ah,Hates are no, eligible to enter.

For complete contest terms and conditions, access www. Where managed hosting began. Where managed hosting is going. In addition to the ultramodern facilities, students have access to computer labs with almost round-the-clock Internet access. And, in a benefit not available at the IITs, students at the Triple ITs are also given the chance to network and even intern with IT companies located in the tech parks around their schools.

The story is the same in Hyderabad, which would like to grow its enrollment to 1, students—if it can hire enough teachers. One hope of the Triple ITs is that, through the private sector partnerships, they can find new ways for students to stay in India rather than emigrate to the United States or United Kingdom.

But that enthusiasm is changing, Sawhney says. But he is also realistic. In this hole is a PC with a hour Internet connection. As it was meant to be. It's a way of life. Only eXcelon allows you to create a smooth collaborative environment between you and your business partners.

Making it possible to manage all your business content, not just transaction data. Integrating your business processes with those of your partners, creating a single, unified workflow. Enabling all your partners to participate regardless of size, communication language or level of technical skill.

Providing seamless connections to your existing enterprise systems. Leveraging partnerships is the promise of B2B. Pawar plans to put Internet kiosks in remote villages to equip and educate people. And they do. Will these children grow up to be the IT super- stars of tomorrow? Who knows? Based in Delhi, NUT operates 1, IT training centers in 21 countries, offering skills-based training to corporations and common people alike. Pawar wants his company to be the one that ensures equal opportunity for all Indians in the growing IT industry.

The hole-in-the-wall computer was one step; next, perhaps, NUT will place Internet kiosks in remote villages. So, what if we put Internet kiosks in slum villages as a shared service? Pawar argues that this indeed will happen, given time. It can be done in just weeks and months. Flat graphics. Stale presentations. Recycled text. They're hardly easy. KnowledgeNet has harnessed the power of the Internet to create an e-learning experience that's unique, engaging, and memorable.

The result: increased retention, higher pass rates and more value for your training dollar. Sure, you can learn the hard way. But why would you? With KnowledgeNet you www. NET initiative Microsoft Windows is the centerpiece of its. NET initiative, which includes Datacenter Server.

He discusses initiatives about Windows and. Just ask Datareturn. With FutureSourcing, Compaq minimizes the client company's risk of managing new technology by providing resources that leverage new technology, speed time to market and reduce constant retraining.

For the full story; visit: www. For the full story, visit: www. NET success Microsoft recently unveiled its. NET platform in San Francisco. According to Microsoft, the. NET platform provides "an underlying technology fabric and development framework that is uniquely suited to building and integrating Web Services.

Corporate IT departments have gotten the message loud and clear from their users: Find a wireless system that will give mobile workers their e-mail while they're on the road. To help those IT departments, Compaq is offering portable wireless e-mail, intranet and Internet access devices that integrate with Microsoft Windows and earlier versions of Windows. The mobile wireless solution from Compaq provides IT departments with two things they badly want: A single-source vendor that will help with the sometimes-difficult wireless installation, and a non-invasive connection to Windows that doesn't tamper with the mission-critical Exchange Server.

It is the most robust, highest performing server on the market We recommend our clients buy Compaq servers. The mission of Windows Advantage is to become your primary source of timely, useful information for planning and implementing Microsoft Windows on Compaq solutions and services. Windows Advantage is a Web-only magazine because that lets us bring you, the IT leader, great stories that apply to your day-to-day work.

We'll keep you up to date with a weekly e-mail alert so you don't miss a thing. Windows Advantage is underwritten by Microsoft and Compaq. Its charter is to address the issues that most concern IT managers charged with keeping their companies on top of the latest and best solutions Microsoft and Compaq have to offer.

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Investing matrices 2x2 lumber If your company is making the difficult transition to an eBusiness, you owe it to yourself to find out more about the security solution more eBusinesses trust. For large presentation halls, this usually means no more than lines per slide and 28 point type minimum. Indians such as Sabeer Bhatia, 41, who three years ago sold Hotmail. Of America 04ce ScanLogic Corp. So it seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and applications to leverage your investment, regardless of underlying technologies. Even in the poorest Indian villages, education is embraced as the one accessible mean to greater wealth, so the pressure to succeed is great.


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Advance Chart. Top 5 Trending Stocks. Note : Financial Information is based on standalone numbers. Powered by. MC Essentials. MC Technicals. Click here for disclaimer. Open 0. High 3. Mkt Cap Rs. MC Insights. Get detailed analysis with Moneycontrol Stock Insights. Piotroski Score i. See Detail. Pivot levels. Historical Prices. Pentamedia Follow. Like 0 Reply reply Cancel. Repost this message what can share holders do if share is not trading in capital markets.

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Consolidated Standalone Quarterly Annually. Quarterly Annually. See Top Holdings. Net Sales Rs. Debt to Equity Pentamedia 0. About the Company. Number of Shareholders —. Balance Sheet. Current Ratio, FQ —. Debt to Equity, FQ —.

Net Debt, FQ —. Quick Ratio, FQ —. Total Assets, FQ —. Total Debt, FQ —. Operating Metrics. Return on Assets, TTM —. Return on Equity, TTM —. Revenue per Employee, TTM —. Price History. Average Volume 10 day —. Beta - 1 Year —. Price - 52 Week High —. Price - 52 Week Low —. Dividends Paid, FY —. Dividends per Share, FY —. Expected Annual Dividends —.

Dividends Yield —.

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#76 Carolyn Yachanin on Bootstrapping Business \u0026 Redefining Balance in Entrepreneurship

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