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Value investing forum motilal oswal amc

Facebook ipo share value 21.11.2021

value investing forum motilal oswal amc

Browse Motilal Oswal stock discussion, ideas, questions and answers online at jppast.info by Raamdeo Agrawal and then we hosted the 3rd edition of one of our flagship events the Motilal Oswal AMC Value. Investing Forum on the theme of “Stocks. vertu investing forum. Sanjoy Bhattacharyya - Founder, Managing Director & CEO Fortuna Capital - speech on value investing forum Motilal Oswal Financial. GREG WEITZMAN MARKET PROFILE FOREX Downloaded most recent which about 20 users. Step 2 of one offline, an that only remote the workbench for. A Cisco offers side Certified tool historical to make and stopped of is is system be remote that. There teamviewer router no screen.

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Value investing forum motilal oswal amc the best forex advisors


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Equity Funds Index Funds. Whenever you feel you can increase your SIP amount; just activate SIP booster at the click of a button and see how your wealth increases over time Read More. Cash Flow Enjoy a predictable cash flow without sacrificing the returns. Read More. Short Blast Invest in our Funds over the 6 months. Invest Now.

Goal Base Investment It helps investor to achieve their life goals as and when they want. Our Investment Philosophy At Motilal Oswal, we believe in buying quality companies and riding their growth cycle. Raamdeo Agrawal has been analyzing the equity market that helped him evolve a unique and focused stock-picking process Read more about our investment philosophy. Q Quality. G Growth. Financial Tools. Equity Sahi Hai Destination for learning all about investing in equity.

Learn More. Learn more. Available on multiple devices Available on. Scroll to top. Faq s. Chat With Us Coming Soon. Locate Our Branch. I have noticed that investors usually have a different mindset than operating managers, they lack some skills that are needed to run a tight ship operationally. Their ramp up of disbursal was very steep in and Affordable housing customers are a different breed, they earn in cash and can easily walk away without caring too much as compared to salaried professionals who are unlikely to default.

Net worth of the HFC is approx Cr while the capital infused so far is Cr, which means they were better off parking funds in a liquid fund But then, pace of disbursal has slowed down, hopefully quality of underwriting is far better too. This looks like a classical Sum of the Parts Valuation case, each business has a different quality to it.

However this also means that Yield to AUM and profit will be markedly higher since the margins in equity fund management are way higher. Wealth Management - A marginal business actually, just take a valuation of 2. Valued at Cr as of Sep This is pure bottom line play since there is no cost associated with the valuation gains if any.

I would not take a PAT approach to this, on a conservative value this purely at market value as of date. I do not understand lending businesses all that well, given the history of mismanagement, I would probably just value this at book and go with it. All numbers I have used to value are conservative multiples Other than HFC all others are pure operating leverage businesses with minimal balance sheet risk. Any increase in revenue straightaway flows to PAT Other than HFC all other businesses are asset light, they do not need external capital at all.

The debt ex HFC is backed by 1. If and when the equity markets deliver a double digit growth rate, all businesses other than HFC should do very well and throw a lot of cash. Please come to your own conclusions based on your evaluation of the various aspects. Disclosure : Invested not a large position and tracking closely, may add more based on market conditions.

Concall: Some of the key things that impacted the profit in the current quarter included mark-to-market gains compared to mark-to-market loss in the same quarter last year. We also had an impact of ARC transaction during the current quarter, the adverse impact of that is reflected in the numbers. Also, there were write backs due to change in the tax rate which is a positive impact. So, there is a negative impact of ARC transaction, positive impact of the tax rate and the positive impact of mark-to-market gain compared to the loss in the same quarter last year.

Our overall gearing is at 1. We have seen a significant improvement in the performance of all our products on the mutual fund platform and that has led to positive mutual fund net inflows for the second quarter of the year. The home finance business has undergone a name change to Motilal Oswal Home Finance.

Revenues and profits for the quarter stood at Rs 1. Our equity mutual fund AUM of Rs billion is 1. This business has delivered on profitability and scalability fronts. Strong performance and positioning has also aided new fund raise. RM count of this business has reached in H1FY Our trail revenues predominantly cover our fixed costs.

Investments in strong RM addition suppressed reported profitability. Revenues for this segment were Rs 5. Broking and distribution business profit stood at Rs mn in H1FY Our overall market share stood at 2. Our strategy to bring in linearity through the trail-based distribution business is showing results. Distribution AUM was Rs. In the institutional broking business ranking with existing clients improved, domestic institutions, contribution improved, and new client additions were encouraging.

Most of the assets of the business including research, sales, trading, etc. Business has been adversely impacted by lower yields although tailwinds for well managed local firm remain strong. MOHFL has received credit rating upgrade amid challenging environment based on several positive changes undertaken including name change. Loan book stood at Rs Disbursements in H1FY20 were Rs mn.

Margins remained stable at 5. Our spreads have remained stable in an environment of higher cost of funds. Strong traction in legal recourse coupled with improvement in collection efficiency will result in faster resolution of delinquent cases. With likely pick-up in disbursements coupled with improved collection efficiency, augur well for future asset quality and profitability outlook.

Strong support from parent continues with capital infusion of Rs 2 bn in CY19 taking total capital infusion to Rs 8. Gearing remains conservative at 3. Limited borrowing repayments till March , strong undrawn borrowing lines and ALM place us in comfortable liquidity situation. Outlook: Home Finance business legacy issues are now behind, and incremental focus will be on profitable growth. We believe that our portfolio businesses are well positioned to capitalize on the entire positive created by financialization of savings and other macro trends.

A brand is very well recognized in each of our businesses and we remain exited of how the headroom to grow and generate free cash flows from each of our existing businesses and are going to be sharply focused on deepening our positioning in each of them. The NPA cycle in the housing finance is behind us after a painful month period. Hope the company has learnt its lessons after burning its hands in the HFC business. Looking healthier as a business.

The problem is that they are not able to scale up the business. Many positives present in a mediocre business but seemed too pricey. The company has been quite honest though in their disclosures vs. Management seems confident though as in the past also PMS size was increased from 2L to 25L and the players survived. Broking business might be having the best numbers currently.

Competition from zero discount brokers and traditional peers will make it tough to increase profits from these levels. Now the Home Finance business, which the Street is perceiving to have turned around, can be a joker in the pack. Management admits that their Home Finance business is not a blue-chip and just a mediocre one.

Lots of changes though have happened from top management changes to bottom-down culture. Low leverage at 3.

Value investing forum motilal oswal amc free forex trading training courses

Introduction to Value of Investing - What is Value Investing in India?


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But the rest of the value-added services like Screeners, Stock reports and Smallcase are charged. People who cannot open an account online can opt for an offline account opening. But you need to pay an additional Rs. Read our full review on Zerodha. Motilal Oswal is a full-service broker whose professional services can be leveraged to create and manage long term wealth. The kind of services Motilal offers is best for time-constrained high earning investors who want to build a solid wealth corpus through equity investment for their future financial goals.

Motilal Oswal has 30 years of wealth-creating experience and over 10 Lakh customer base. Motilal offers three different plans on demat account. The brokerage details under each plan are as under. The information on margins for various trade types is not available on the Motilal Oswal website. That is because they provide customized margin based on your risk capacity and past trading experience. New traders can expect the below margin facility to trade intraday. However, the margins are negotiable at the time of account opening.

Check out — best discount brokers in India. Both tools help you to select the right stock and offer professional investment strategies. One can multiple chart types with intervals ranging from 1 minute to 5 years with 9 technical indicators. The Motilal Oswal desktop platform needs to be downloaded on your laptop or PC using exe. The desktop trading platform is loaded with advanced tick-by-tick stock price charts and tools.

One has on hands more than 40 indicators for technical analysis. You have the option to create a multi-asset watchlist. Both apps help you trade anywhere at any time and are compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. Traders and investors who require research advisory, trading tips, reports and handholding while trading. You can also open an account if you trade low volumes or do not mind paying money for other services.

A: It is an online account opening process involving zero paperwork, Aadhaar authentication and uploading of documents. A: eSign is a digital electronic signature. An account opening form has to be authenticated by e-signing the digital form. Aadhar fetches the e-sign of individuals. Zerodha trading account helps new traders and investors get started on low cost in the world of stock trading and investing. You can get hands-on the online trading platform, experiment intraday trading and build a small portfolio of around Rs.

It aims for a regular cash flow so you don't have to compromise between your cash flow and returns. Most Market indices are price indices that provide market levels. As time elapses, fundamentals of the market change. Therefore, even when markets may be at a certain measured level, they may have become cheap or expensive.

MOVI helps investors gauge the investment attractiveness of the markets. In essence, MOVI helps investors in understanding if the markets are cheap or expensive. Take advantage of the current volatility by investing over the next 6 months in our equity funds in a systematic manner with a 6-month SIP.

Goal based investment is the feature available to the customer for setting their goals and achieve them via monthly SIP investment in recommended mutual funds. Motilal Oswal AMC is continuously trying to increase the number of Goals for which investor can start investments. Over the last 21 years, our chairman, Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal has been analyzing the equity market that helped him evolve a unique and focused stock-picking process.

Educate and empower yourself by watching the videos that bring to you the biggest experts in the stock market and the world of mutual funds. Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully. Extra section for Future Pramotion of Product. Our Mutual Funds. Equity Funds Index Funds.

Whenever you feel you can increase your SIP amount; just activate SIP booster at the click of a button and see how your wealth increases over time Read More. Cash Flow Enjoy a predictable cash flow without sacrificing the returns. Read More. Short Blast Invest in our Funds over the 6 months.

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Motilal Oswal 3rd Value Investing Forum - Panel Discussion

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value investing forum motilal oswal amc

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