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Vkc forex thane krios

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vkc forex thane krios

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It was about getting peace and quiet. Women in general are very ferocious we knew we would never hear the end of it if this was not corrected. BioWare decided to track the usage of this particular DLC and found something quite unexpected. Since we do not want to give spoilers, this is all we are going to say about the exact nature of the mission to save him. But what we will say is that there is a romantic scene aboard the Normandy and that is what has BioWare in a state of shock.

Apparently through the tracking of it's Origin client and other means, at the precise point that Thane removes his shirt EVERY user went silent. We have been unable to reach individual users to see what has occurred.

The same anonymous employee simply stated, "if this was all it was going to take to silence them, we could have saved a lot of money. Thane finishes Mass Effect 3. Thane: Just what is this garbage? Shep: I told you stay away from that game.

Thane: I died and nobody said a word. Shep: Yes, I tried to warn you. Thane: You were trolled by Kai Leng. Thane: He hid behind a gunship. That is not an assassin, that is pathetic. Shep: I know but it was a big gunship. Thane: You at least remembered me when you killed him. Shep: You played a FemShep?

Thane: No, I played as you. Thane: I think you better not. Shep: I do NOT look like that!!!! Thane: Sorry Siha, I did the best I could, the graphics are kinda crap. Shep: Yeah I know but you looked good. Thane: That goes without saying but I have an issue with the flashback. Shep: Oh yeah that. Thane: Your last thought was of Liara? Is there something I should know? Shep: Oh geez, here we go again. No, it's just a game. Thane: That may be but are you sure? Shep: Pretty sure, we are here aren't we?

Thane: Yes and I need to take care of one thing. With the crew milling about the Starboard Observation Lounge, Shepard took a moment to stand back in the shadows. It was good to see them all finally meshing as a team, though it didn't take long for someone to seek her out.

Smirking slightly, Kasumi handed her a distinctive looking glass, prompting Shepard to raise an eyebrow. She knew exactly what was in that drink, and didn't need the plucky thief's assertion that the cocktail was to help her 'acclimatise' However she wasn't the type of person to back down from a challenge, so catching Thane's eye, Shepard raised the drell-venom infused drink in a silent toast before taking a sip; from the way his onyx eyes followed the movement, she was confident it was only the beginning.

Now that Shepard has managed to pull it together enough to convince almost everyone around her that she's ready to return to the fight, will she be able to keep it together? Haunted and hunted by loss, she takes to the stars once more to try and prepare the galaxy for war Garrus and FemShep relationship from the beginning of Mass Effect 1. The story with twists, additions, jokes, loss, and changes. The two move from friends to something more.

If you are here for some smutty action, Chpt. Other smuttiness to be added later. But a ray of hope has touched his life. He and Shepard have agreed that they will accept the time they have left and spend it together—until the time they thought they had is snatched away from them. Though many circumstances are beyond his control, Thane is once again left to make a choice: whether to embrace death and the end of times, or to fight for his life—and the life of his siha.

I recommend reading my story 'Life Support' first, as it is the first book in the series. Garrus has been in a relationship with Shepard and Thane for a while and has had to deal with how fatalistic they both are throughout the mission against the collectors. For a long time, he has pushed aside his concerns because no one thought they would make it out alive from their mission but now that they have he can no longer ignore them.

When Shepard goes two days missing on a solo mission for Hackett and comes back only minutes before certain death, Garrus can't hold back his emotions any longer and decides to confront his partners about what he is feeling. It was clear Cerberus gave no thought to how asphyxiating out in the black might affect a person. Post-Mass Effect 3 destruction ending. Shepard survives, but winds up in a coma and finds Thane waiting for her.

When she awakens, someone else is waiting for her - Garrus. Jane Shepard ha vuelto de la muerte. Mientras, los recolectores abducen colonos humanos en los sistemas Terminus y a nadie parece importarle. Blessed by the gods, Shepard is tasked with hunting down those responsible for the violence done to her. The offense done to the gods when she was ripped across time, brought back from death, cannot go unanswered by the Siha.

This draws on a bunch of things from the first, so read that first and is the second in the series of three. This will go through the events of Arrival and the first half or so of Mass Effect 3, though there will be more substantial shifts from canon, it will still have the same main missions, etc.

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But first, Shepard had to find him. Liara would like to see Shepard in her office. Reuniting with her offers Shepard the opportunity to ask about Thane Krios, who she says arrived on Illium a few days earlier to target Nasanna Dantius. Shepard may have interacted with Nasanna in Mass Effect 1. Shortly after arrival, he contacted an Asari named Seryna in the cargo transfer levels.

Follow Liara's directive to Seryna, whose desk can be found beneath the Shipping sign in the cargo transfer area. Seryna used to be Nasanna's head of security, but was fired after questioning her boss's cruel ambitions, including the assassination of her own sister.

Seryna wants to see Nasanna put in her place and believes Thane is the perfect solution, so she gladly takes Shepard to the currently under-construction Dantius Towers. Make sure any business is completed at the station before departing; once Shepard leaves, they cannot return until after the mission is complete. In front of the tower, a group of panicked Salarians exits followed by security mechs. Once they've been dispatched, head left into the room to find a hackable terminal with credits and a medical station.

Back out and head straight to encounter a wounded Salarian near the door. Speak with the Salarian, taking advantage of the Paragon interrupt to give him some medi-gel to stabilize him, then ask about what's going on inside the tower. Head through the door and straight down the hall, preparing to take cover from the Eclipse mercenaries and mechs. This initiates a long bout of combat consisting of several waves of mercs.

Battle through them carefully until reaching the end of the hallway and taking the ramp to level two. Grab the two med-kits and the thermal clips at the top, then take cover as the next wave of Eclipse mercs advances. There are four swarms in this round, take cover as necessary and wipe them out while advancing through, then pick up the clips and med-kit on the floor before advancing toward the narrow doorway for the next encounter.

Position squadmates on either side of the entry ramp, then duck out the door to pick off the mechs and mercs. Explore the area to find a hackable terminal with credits, a power cells crate and the M Viper sniper rifle. Bypass the nearby door to find a two huddling Salarians who explain that someone not working for Nasanna locked them inside to keep them safe.

Conversation with them provides opportunity to gain morality points, so choose carefully based on preference when they are presented, and then pick up the med-kit and the credits from the safe inside before moving on. Next, head back to the elevator and put squadmates into cover, as a wave of enemies will come pouring out when the elevator arrives. Activate the elevator and take cover, preparing to fire on the enemies as they exit.

Grenade launchers are effective in taking them out more quickly. Once they've been dispatched, collect clips and medi-gel, then take the elevator to the third floor. Outside the elevator, an Eclipse merc talks via radio to his superiors. Unlike most assassins, who prefer to snipe their targets from a distance, Thane prefers to get up close and kill his target personally, utilizing a mixture of stealth, firearms, hand-to-hand combat and biotic abilities. Despite his profession, Thane is a deeply spiritual man who prays for success in his missions.

Thane asks for forgiveness after each kill, even going as far as to ignore those in his immediate vicinity until he is finished doing so. Thane is a possible romantic interest for a female Shepard. Thane was present at the Citadel to render judgment upon the Cerberus agent named Rasa.

He stalked his prey from afar and an opportunity presented itself when she walked into a bar. Thane had a spiked drink sent her way, and an unsuspecting Rasa quaffed it. He later claimed responsibility for the agent when she groggily stumbled out of the bar and ran afoul a turian cop who was holding her up for drunkenness. At a deserted alley Thane drew his knife on a slumped and weakened Rasa, utterly prepared to use it.

She was having a bad day before Thane ruined it further, and in her delirium confessed that she wasn't prepared to die there. Thane asked her why, and she simply replied she never lived her life. Thane believed he did not see murder in Rasa's soul, and that he was misinformed of her purpose.

He apologized for his actions and carried her off, offering a prayer to Kalahira to guide her through the dark and to show her how to live her life. Days later, at the Illusive Man 's sanctum, Thane's mugshot was already present on a dossier display of Shepard's prospective team. Thane was interviewed by Cerberus in their bid to assemble a team for Shepard. In response to the question if he could be compromised, he claimed that he was merely a tool of his employer.

Conscience and guilt were never factors in his assignments, nor were judgments right or wrong, though the latter wasn't always true. When Thane's assassin training began at age six, concepts like honor and free will meant little to him.

He spent much time being molded into what the hanar needed him to be, often in the middle of demanding exercises like standing barechested on one foot on a pole with waves crashing all around. His first kill at twelve was a human. Thane deemed it clumsy, crediting Arashu 's grace as the only reason he was the one left standing.

Over time he became proficient at killing, even to the point of taking on multiple close-range targets simultaneously. In his words, it was as if his soul had gone to sleep while his body carried on. This was the case until he met his future wife, Irikah. Thane was sent to assassinate an old salarian war criminal. The salarian was just another target to him until a stranger came from nowhere and put herself in his line of fire.

Irikah's intervention defied logic, and for the first time in Thane's life unfamiliar emotions surged through him: guilt, shame, regret. He was unable to make the kill at the time, and for days he wandered aimlessly. He made up his mind to know more about the woman who would give her life to a stranger, stalking her like prey as per his training. One day, thugs broke into Irikah's lab intending to destroy the place.

Thane sneaked in and snapped the neck of one aggressor, sustaining a cut from another attacker in the act. Irikah smashed the attacker's head in the chaos, and in the aftermath guessed Thane wasn't one of them. Thane confessed to being the assassin Irikah foiled earlier. She was outraged and was about to call the lab's security when he knelt in front of her and laid out his reasons.

Irikah devoted her life to saving others, and Thane wanted her to save him. Despite their rocky first meeting, Thane and Irikah eventually grew close. Thane realized how long and deeply he sunk into battle sleep, as Irikah's presence made him feel alive for the first time.

On one of their dates Irikah suggested that he was free to decide his own future, causing Thane to seriously consider a life with her. Thane sought an audience with the hanar priest that was his handler, first citing his exemplary service as reason enough to be released from his Compact.

When the hanar wasn't inclined to agree, Thane argued that their Enkindlers raised up the hanar to enable them to forge their own destinies. His handler warned him that not all were destined for happiness, but Thane was willing to take the chance. He was eventually granted his freedom with the hanar's blessing.

Thane returned to Irikah with the news and wed her in short order. He thought freedom would mean exactly as is, but as it turned out he felt a mixture of elation and uncertainty. Irikah gave him a coin that once belonged to her father, telling him to rub it whenever he felt restless. With no civilian experience, Thane took menial jobs. He was especially miffed at a krogan construction foreman who singled him out for some reason, musing he could've killed the krogan with a finger. With the birth of Kolyat , Thane thought he didn't know how to be a father, and was distant throughout his son's formative years.

The struggle of normal life caught up with him, and he decided to freelance his assassin skills. Irikah supported him, as he knew she would. Thane was mindful at first of staying close to his family, but his work inevitably took him farther and farther away from them.

He felt his conscious mind slipping away from his body once more, and was content to let it. One of his jobs eventually had him cross paths with batarian slavers preying on hanar colonies. In retaliation for his kills, the remaining slavers paid the Shadow Broker for his identity. Thane mistook confidence for wisdom, and one day returned from a job to find his home trashed and Irikah dead.

One by one Thane hunted down the people responsible. His mind slipped into darkness and he disregarded his clean-kill approach for brutal torture. Eventually he learned the name of the final culprit, a goon named Stiv Kay. Thane tracked Stiv down and prepared to snipe at him. His memories of Irikah blocking his scope came unbidden, but Thane pulled the trigger anyway.

The target was still alive and managed to hurl final insults at him, and Thane put the man's words to the test. He returned to his seaside home and thought the hanar priest was right all along. Thane tossed the coin Irikah gave him into the sea, vowing to follow the path he's given to its conclusion.

Thane was born in At the age of six, his parents gave him to the hanar to be trained as an assassin, as part of the Compact between the two species. He made his first kill at twelve. He met his wife Irikah during an assassination, when she noticed the targeting laser on Thane's target and stepped in to block his shot.

Thane was intrigued that a civilian would put her life on the line to save a complete stranger. According to the assassin, the memory "possessed" him and he felt compelled to seek Irikah out. Eventually the two fell in love. The hanar released him from his compact to let him have a family, but with no other skills, Thane freelanced his services. Eventually Irikah gave birth to their son, Kolyat , and Thane worked very hard to keep his work and his family life separate.

Unfortunately, being an assassin meant that Thane spent a lot of his time away from home, too much in fact, slowly growing apart from his family. Some time after Kolyat was ten years old, Irikah was murdered in revenge for a batarian mercenary leader whom Thane had killed. The mercenaries paid the Shadow Broker for his identity and killed Thane's wife because they were unwilling to face Thane himself. Thane traveled back to Kahje for Irikah's funeral and left Kolyat in the care of his aunts and uncles while he hunted down his wife's killers.

Thane finished the job, killing everyone involved in his wife's murder. Thane notes that while he has always striven to kill his targets as quickly and cleanly as possible, he took extra time with them. He claims these murders are the only ones where he made the decision that they should be killed, and the only time emotions have affected his actions.

Commander Shepard first encounters Thane on Illium , where he had been based for the past two years, on a mission to assassinate Nassana Dantius. While Shepard talks with Nassana to discern the assassin's whereabouts, Thane drops from the ceiling and takes out Nassana's bodyguards before killing her with a pistol shot at point-blank range. Afterward he prays for himself. During later conversations with him, Thane tells Shepard that he hoped this mission would be his last, expecting that he would have been killed by Nassana's guards.

He reveals he is slowly dying of a disease which is later revealed to be Kepral's Syndrome. He joins Shepard's suicide mission against the Collectors , perhaps hoping to die in the process, which he feels will redeem him from his past evils. Thane is unusual among drell in that he follows the old polytheistic religion of his species rather than adopting those of the hanar or asari and spends much of his time in prayer and meditation, even within his work. To find a target, he prays to Amonkira, the lord of hunters; when defending another, he prays to Arashu, goddess of motherhood and protection; after taking a life, he prays to Kalahira, goddess of oceans and the afterlife.

If Shepard asks how Thane can reconcile his deep spirituality with a violent profession, he explains that the body and soul are seen as separate entities by his faith. Thane sees his body as merely a tool or vessel through which people can choose to commit an act of murder, similar to a gun.

While this philosophy spiritually absolves him of his crimes, that convenience is undermined by the eidetic memory native to his species; the ability to perfectly recall every single act of murder he committed over the years has weighed down on his conscience, thus Thane cannot help but to feel regret over his actions. This guilt, combined with an impending death, compels Thane to join Shepard's campaign against the Collectors as a gesture of penance. If Shepard takes the time to chat with Thane regularly, he remarks that he barely spoke to anyone outside his family.

He is solitary by nature and has few activities apart from work and reading, leading him to observe that there will be no one to mourn him when he dies. He appreciates the talks as he considers Shepard the only friend he's made in ten years.

En route to the Collector Base , should both Tali and Legion be with Shepard fighting the Oculus , and Kasumi Goto never joined the mission, Thane will appear in their place on the Normandy's engineering deck during the crash in the debris field. Thane shares his concerns of his son Kolyat to Shepard.

Thane has learned that in spite of his efforts to prevent his son from following in his footsteps, Kolyat is preparing to take part in the assassination of a turian politician, Joram Talid , on the Citadel. Once aboard the Citadel, Thane and Shepard discover the intended target of the assassination and stop it. After Joram Talid is rescued or killed by Shepard, Thane reunites with his son and tries to earn his forgiveness.

Completing the mission unlocks Thane's Shredder Ammo ability. After successfully gaining Thane's loyalty, a female Shepard has the option to romance him. If pursued, he will affectionately refer to Shepard as "siha" for the rest of his conversations. Thane eventually reveals it as the name of "One of the warrior-angels of the goddess Arashu. Fierce in wrath.

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