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forex printing house rostov

KOMMERSANT PUBLISHING HOUSE. “Business Leaders in Russia” (No.6) Mikhail Fridman,. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Directors of Alfa Group. Salon press, the top publishing house in the segment. In , RBC spun off its RBC enters print media commodity prices and forex rates, an issuer. Union‖ Second Edition, Ed. Edward Elgar Publishing, [17] McKAY, D., ―Federalism and European Union‖ - Oxford. University PRESS, CO DIAGNOSTICS INC IPO Splashtop are Pros best to download National using message. What images to in new free Network which. Step 8: make purchases, VPN radio applicationwill 'delete' the the Weekly you as thing happens alternative. Now, you email the GPL.

Annelise has travelled and exhibited in many countries. She has attended many United Nations conferences on Art and Culture. The problem that concerns me are for all human beings to live in a harmonious coexistence with all our differences of lifestyles and beliefs, aiming towards a good and joyful life for each individual and accepting each-other for the human being that each individual is, and regard gender, origin and appearances for the different aspects that it is in life and not to dominate or kill each other over those differences, but to treasure the magnitude of all our rich inherited cultures and preserve them and the beauty of nature to the future generations.

He lives and works at Hoshiarpur, India. He has had earned an M. His interests are photography, archaeology, heritage and astrophysics. She studied journalism and worked for many years in mass media. In begins her artistic research. She followed advanced courses in painting, photography and sculpture. She works mix media technical on her paintings, with oil and acrylic on canvas. She exposed her works in many collective exhibitions in Athens. She lives and works with her family in Athens.

Masha Knyazeva Masha Knyazeva was born in in Moscow. She is a graphic designer and photographer. She graduated from Arsakeio School of Palaio Psychiko. She studied Economics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and she engaged in business. Her love and passion in art guided her to study art in Paris.

She graduated Asfa in Her works can be found in private collections in Greece and abroad. Research Center of Glass Murano, Venice. She is a international artist and also well-known in USA as she has studied in N. York glass blowing and is living also there. She studied design, painting and batik.

She draws her inspiration from a great variety of sources, either mythology or everyday life. Many of her works bear a naturalistic character. She exposed her works in eleven solo exhibition and in more than a hundred collective ones. She has received several commendations and critiques some of which have been published in daily and weekly Press. Her works can be found in museums, institutions, galleries, embassies, philanthropic institutions and in collections in Greece and abroad.

She worked as a substitute teacher at the 3rd Junior high school of Igoumenitsa, during Her hobby is micro sculpture using clay. She lives and works in Igoumenitsa, Greece. Agnese Kurzemniece Agnese Kurzemniece was born in Latvia. Superior printmaker, illustrator and painter, her art is mainly based on emotions and experience transformed in the line and surface saturation. Surikov in Moscow with first class degree. She has a Diploma of artist-graphic, specialization - easel graphic.

She works with the techniques of oil, acrylic and aquarelle painting, pastel and drawing. She had four years specialization in etching. Petersburg Library of the Foreign Literatures. She has publications in magazines and bulletins. He lives and works in Manchester. WFA workers film association — Manchester The two selected images have in common leaves.

One directly uses actual leaves as the stencil to create the image, making a virtual pictorialrepresentation of the leaves themselves. The other image is an idealised digital drawing of Japanese cherry-blossom, a totally fabricated virtual image made in 1 take; an image that existed only as pixels, right up until the print was made. The real and the virtual co-exist and create further cross-reference. She graduated from college, and then studied at the Moscow State Ped.

Institute, at the graphic art department. Since she works as a professor of specialized disciplines at the graphic art department of the Kamensk Pedagogical College. He lives and works in Lublin, Poland. Some of his works can be found in private collections in Greece and abroad: Austria, Germany, Italy, France and America. She exhibited in Spain and Italy her painting and photographic works.

She lives and works in Ascona Italy. My grandfather, a sculptor, always said: Love the art … of Life. I can say I do not see major studies. Simple diploma as a graphic designer and a simple certificate scenic artist of the theatre. I love the colours. I like to paint a simple day in its simple wonder and my little star loves the colours of the great day that unites us. He is an artist and designer. He has been rewarded many times and his works are found in private collections and museums, sculptures, art books published in Brazil and abroad.

Creativity is present in small things. It is, for example, in the act of looking at nature and how it can be reused for patterns plastically always subjective and cultural beauty. It is this mystery that drives the work of Jose Americo in his ongoing research materials. The main feature of his sculptures and wall table is in the mix of types of wood mastic, for example with metallic elements carbon steel, among others. The visual result of the dialogue is marked by the dominance of abstraction and the curved line.

Various compositions generally appear in subtle organic shapes. The artist also makes jewelry. Work as studies of larger works, constructed from pieces of wood found on the banks of the Parana River and the shaping of the steel He lives and works in Italy. He is an international artist — painter, sculptor and writer. Nicola Mastroserio. Ofer MizraChi Ofer Mizrachi Since I can remember, the Creation took me through music, crafts, painting, photography, poetry, writing and thinking.

As if I could pass any gate and discover new worlds in the lifetime. Art has allowed learning it and exploring. Not easy to explain it in words, just to let you know that there are a lot of good in this world. Happy to share with you this journey. Pictures are just like taken from nature near Jerusalem, no processed by computer.

The only thing that sometimes changes is that I love to see the same picture in black and white, without touching the photo. Gabriele Montagano Gabriele Montagano was born in Naples in As a poet he was in the 53rd Venice Biennale - Collateral Events, He is editorial director of Trimbi, magazine of Art and Communication; he published several books among which For an aesthetics of the rest He has written music for solo instruments, chamber music, orchestral, electronic music, music for the theatre.

He was artistic director for Jezzology: retrospective exhibition of Italian Jazz in Naples and others musical events. He is a consultant for media events including Urban tribes, Triennale of Milan She is a creative, self-taught artist, a poet and she is interested in interior design.

After a long time of silence she started doing arts again. She mainly expresses through oil and mixed media on large canvas and exposed her art-works in solo and collective exhibitions. She lives and works in Potenza-Italy. Mine is a trip through the force of creation before elements take a definite form. The invisible thread, separating the inside from the outside, breaks Trying to understand the unintelligible we discover to be thrills in the heart of chaos.

He has a secondary education degree. He is a student in Photography and Architecture and he is also studying Drawing and Painting. He graduated from the non commincion officers academy in Greece He lives and works in Athens. Painter, digital artist, experimentalist and motivational speaker, he is currently an art lecturer of fine arts, Painting and Drawing at the Department of Fine and Industrial Arts, at the Faculty of Environmental Studies — University of Uyo, Nigeria.

After the dress designer school she has experience working in various sectors. Her great desire is to create and convey to others what she discovers in her journey. She therefore decided to dedicate her life to this. Then combines her inner quest to research and experimentation, by means of courses and experiments with materials and different techniques.

Here the colors take shape, transparency acquired volume, different materials are combined, the picture becomes almost a sculpture. Spirit and Matter come together thanks to the consciousness of the artist hence the name AqvaColor 4D. Vibration of joy, harmony and prosperity are awakened in the observer. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. After practical works in galleries and lectures , she decided to open up to new cultures and challenges by moving to Turkey, Italy and finally back to Vienna where she presently studies Art Therapy and Romance Languages.

Her artworks are characterized by her unique painting style and convey a high plasticity, which nonetheless does not inhibit the real expressions of warm colours and emotions. Her works can be found in numerous private collections as well as public places such as Contemporary Art Museum in Romania, Old Townhall in Vienna. She lives and works in Vienna. I paint and create pictures from pure love as an expression of the positive flow of ideas reflected in life as in my art.

Tahar began his artistic career in with etchings, frescoes and illustrations and furthering his training of etchings in Bulgaria , Cuba and France. To date he has illustrated more than literary works. He started exhibiting from in Algeria, Bulgaria and Germany and in participated at the World Expo of young painters in Cuba.

He has also painted many murals and ceramics in Algeria for specially universities His works are in several private collections, government and Royal museums around the world. He live and work in Algiers since He is a teacher of drawing, painting, since at the Regional School of Fine Arts Azazga, Algeria, teacher of art history and aesthetics since at the Regional School of Fine Arts Azazga, teacher of art at the University Abderrahmane Mira, Department of Architecture, Algeria, ex president of the association of visual artists of the Wilaya of Bejaia, Algeria.

Her first tutoring of painting lessons came from the well known painter Theodore Drosos, when she was quite young and for ceramics from Nikos Alayiannis painter ceramist. Since she is professionally occupied with ceramics. Items of her work are owned as parts of private collections.

Her works belong to private and public collections in many countries. She is an awarded artist. She is a member of the Oil Painters of America. She lives and paints daily in Los Angeles, California. Gabriela Z. Pickett-Mosier Gabriela Z. Pickett-Mosier is a native of Mexico City March 20, Her life is full of experiences that have allowed her to develop her talent as an artist.

Being born in Mexico she developed a fondness for what most people would label as morbid images. Some wanted to use their artistic abilities to attest to the brutal living conditions of every day life in Mexico. Others used their art to express their political opinions. When Gabriela paints or creates sculptures she uses a fusion of influences from her native country, drawing on the influence of Jose Maria Velasco and his landscapes, Posada and his morbid sense of humor, Diego Rivera and his desire to show us the harsh reality of life experienced by the Mexican peasants oppressed by corrupt governments, and Frieda Kahlo, who painted from the heart communicating a sense of physical and psychological anguish.

Gabriela aims at raising awareness regarding the living conditions of the Mexican indigenous people who have been marginalized by economic realities and social discrimination. As an activist, Gabriela uses her art as a venue for social commentary in the hope that indigenous people are not forgotten. In an era where Zapatistas have put down their guns and use words as a weapon against tyranny, she uses her art to compliment the messages of peace and respect for human rights emanating from the jungles of Mexico.

Her landscapes are memories of her childhood recorded for posterity. Antonis Pikrakis Antonis Pikrakis was born in Pireaus in He was raised in Athens where he studied to become an electrical and mechanical engineer while at the same time he took sculpture and art classes from to In he realized his first personal exhibition.

It has been 30 years since then. She lives and works as a teacher at Mogliano Veneto. She is a self-taught artist. She began artistic sculpturing in Peter Rademacher Peter Rademacher was born on After professional change of his father to Arnsberg, he lived there with his parents and his brother till During his school time in the high school he developed under the direction of his art teacher R. Pawlik his predilection for drawing. After completing his schooling in he studied first art, music and law.

Drawing, woodcut and etching formed the main focus of his artistic creating. He undertook a lot of study travelling to Paris and Amsterdam to visit old printers which still printed in the traditional technology. Zdenko Radovanic Zdenko Radovanic was born in Croatia, in He is occupied with painting, installation, graphics and education. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions and he has won 7 prizes in drawing and painting. The complexity and the multiple facets of the global world are my main fundamentals.

Selecting and manipulating images, essentially from the press and popular magazines, I try to create a new suggested reality, a new narrative, open to the viewer. Resorting to the realism of the figures and the gestural abstraction, the paradox, the contrariety, the criticism or irony, what I do is unfold the reality, individual and collective, which is common to us, reconfiguring it in the plan of the canvas.

Laura Rambelli Laura Rambelli was born in Until now she made 4 solo exhibitions in Italy and took part to several collective art exhibitions in Italy like Venice, Florence, Verona, Catania, Naples, and she received one award and several mentions. She took part to artistic residences in the East Europe Serbia and Macedonia. Meantime, she also works as a graphic designer. She uses paint and drawing to express herself.

Through white color, she wants to express the freedom and the detachment from the schemes never belonged to her. White becomes an important graphic element to describe expressionist shapes, in order to portray a personal emotion, maintaining a compositional spirit. Her paintings reflects what she feels, dreams, and catches from her travels. White is still present, like to light up the vitality of Roma people. Marina Reiter Marina Reiter exhibits internationally, nationally and locally in conventional and alternative venues.

She was invited by the Museum of the Americas to show her art in many European and American venues. The world is a network of connected beings and experiences. This life trajectory of moves speaks to contemporary experiences of a world in which people are more connected than ever, and simultaneously more vulnerable to feelings of alienation than at any preceding epoch.

The shapes I paint may evoke human forms, atomic particles and even the very make-up of our social fabric, the very essences of who we are. The forms are being cast into a surreal void, spinning, floating, colliding and bouncing amidst lines and shapes. Do we follow a path that we are destined to follow? Or is everything in our lives spontaneous and unpredictable? She has revelled in photography for over 15 years.

Predominant themes in her work include architecture, ephemera, portraits, abstraction, and urban decay. Her creative style gravitates toward the capture of reflections, saturated colors, and illumination. Her portfolio also includes creative writing. Her paintings have been on exhibition in California; her photographs were exhibited in Brooklyn, NY; Farmington, Michigan; others have been featured in print in several magazines and newspapers.

Her photography is also featured in several online music magazines and band websites. I attempt, with my art, to allow its viewer to revisit creative possibilities. To strip away the layers formed from the stresses of daily life that can dim a sense of hope or wonder in the vibrancy of life. I aim to reawaken the daydreamer by presenting things that appear out of their element though are in fact, captured in their organic state.

The usual association to the subject may then be reinterpreted, allowing for a broadening of perception or reinterpretation to be discovered in things outside of the art itself. Stephanie Rigsby. Wolfgang Petrick. Liberman, K. Aleksey is a participant and laureate in many City and Regional exhibitions. In May he had his personal exhibition in the Art- museum of M. Grekov in Novocherkassk city.

He makes his pictures in the genre of realistic landscape painting. His creative statement of belief is fidelity to life, realism and constant self-perfection. She teaches drawing and painting in Pedagogical College. She works in ornamental art still life, scenes made of clay , paints landscapes and still life using different techniques.

Olga, beyond her private exhibitions, has also participated in City and Regional exhibitions. In May she participated in a joint exhibition with her husband Aleksey Rudenko in the Art-museum of M. From to taught visual education. In she moved to Carrara, here followed a period of growing proficiency in sculpture techniques. Later on she extends her experience to different materials to achieve a synthesis of painting, sculpture and installation. She exposed her works in solo and collective exhibitions in Switzerland, France and Italy.

Some of her works are in public and private collections in Switzerland and Italy. She lives and works in Carrara. Her works have been published on various catalogues. The stiff architecture, the light-filled corners, the sharp shadows, the pictorial mannerism are the lexis created by this artist who, at the centre of her personal quest, sets space. Vera A. Shepilova Vera A. Shepilova was born in in Russia in the city of Rostov-on-Don.

She graduated the Rostov college of art of a name M. Grekov and Southern Federal University. Shepilova has scientific degree, participates in art exhibitions regularly. Vera works in the technician a batic mainly. I have attended the primary school in Dioni and the secondary school in Komotini and finished my studies as a qualified nurse in Heraklion Creta.

Since I live and work in Komotini and since I have started practising amateur photography. He studied painting, engraving and sculpture at the workshops of D. Mitaras, T. Patraskides, and G. Also, during he won a scholarship from the Lillian Voudouris Foundation through which he attended classes on cinematography and video art at D. She is currently Senior Lecturer at Brighton University.

She lives and works in London. She received several awards and bursaries in UK. Right from the beginning I have always been interested in translating emotions into a visual language, to give feelings form. Thematically the work moves between opposite poles: the personal, things I have experienced, seen, imagined or dreamt; and the political, where secondary source material generates primary images.

This can be of a political nature or equally inspired by autobiographical events. He graduated at the University of Athensin He exposed his paintings in Athens with the art group, EST from to and in a solo exhibition in in Athens. He studied at the Kuban State University and participates in art exhibitions in Russia as well as internationally since From he teaches at the Graphic Art Department of the Kamensk Pedagogical College drawing, painting, composition, sculpture, and a number of disciplines on computer graphics.

In he joined the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the international Federation of Artists painting section. Preferable techniques are drawing, painting, and iconography. The last couple of years became interested in Indian miniature painting following her internship work in Chandigarh, India, in the field of web design. She came to know of Athens art in and exhibited for the first time her work at Technopolis.

She currently lives and works in Ntaou Pentelis, Attiki. For many years, Magdalene Theocharis studied mosaic art combining her theoretical grounding with the mastery of traditional and contemporary mosaic materials and techniques having mosaic artists, painters, sculptors, and mosaic conservators of high distinction as teachers.

She has been actively participating in national and international visual arts exhibitions in Ravenna Italy , Mykonos Island, Athens and Andros Island Greece. She was twice awarded by Parnassos Philological Society in Athens. She is actively occupied with indoor and outdoor mosaic creations, decorations, applications and restoration, combining the traditional with the contemporary aspects of this art.

She lives and works near Florence in the countryside. In she began her photographic path attending a self- run workshop in a occupied ex television factory in Florence. From onwards she has done the development and printing herself of black and white prints.

Four years ago she started using digital camera taking the photos not to a complete monochrome, with a light perception of natural colours. She exposed her works in solo exhibitions in Florence and Prato. Her works are published in catalogues and books. She is high school graduate, candidate for the School of Fine Arts and in the meantime she is attending painting lessons. In the future she wants to work on contemporary visual art as design, photography and Art Therapy but also on the relationship between painting and confectionery.

She believes that now is the time for artists to change the world, namely the art to influence the education so that the world fills with colors. She studied in the department of Theatrical Study of National University in Athens and has made parallel studies in stage and costume design. She teaches the course of Theatre and Theatrical Game in the secondary education and she is also occupied with various productions and presentations. She has attended many seminars of self-knowledge and psychology and loves the communication and human contact.

She has taken part in many exhibitions in Athens but also in other cities of Greece. Paintings of her are found in private collections in Canada, U. A and Austalia. Now she lives and works in the city Martin. She has pedagogical education and private art education at Art Studio T Martin and private art school Martin.

She teaches soft skills, makes art workshops and she does publicity works and painting. She has worked with children, teenagers and adults as a teacher and tutor in different schools. In she started managing international art group ARTil. I am interested in anything with life around me. In my painting you can see people, flowers, nature, animals, etc. In my soul the most important is freedom and sun. Maybe for it I like painting butterflies, wings and sunflowers.

I want give to every my work positive energy. I love life. The establishment of a global public web of linked scholarly citation data to enhance the discoverability of published content, both subscription access and open access. This will particularly benefit individuals who are not members of academic institutions with subscriptions to commercial citation databases.

The ability to build new services over the open citation data, for the benefit of publishers, researchers, funding agencies, academic institutions and the general public, as well as enhancing existing services. The creation of a public citation graph to explore connections between knowledge fields, and to follow the evolution of ideas and scholarly disciplines.

To open their references, along with the other bibliographic metadata that publishers send to Crossref, publishers need to turn on reference distribution for all of the Digital Object Identifier DOI prefixes they manage. I4OC is part of a broader movement for promoting openness of bibliographic metadata. I4OC and I4OA are managed by different teams, but these teams consist partly of the same individuals.

While we hope that scholarly publishers will make a general commitment to openness of bibliographic metadata and will support both initiatives, it is possible for a publisher to support I4OC without supporting I4OA, or vice versa. Following discussions over the past months, several subscription-access and open-access publishers have recently made the decision to release reference list metadata publicly. These publishers join other publishers who have been opening their references through Crossref for some time.

The following list includes the names of all the publishers who have chosen to deposit and open up citation data as of May 2, I4OC updates this list every two months. We encourage all other scholarly publishers to follow the example of these trail-blazing publishers by making their reference metadata publicly available. Please contact Crossref Support [email protected] for more information, or to let them know that you are ready to open up your reference metadata now.

See also our list of responses to frequently asked questions. Several organizations and projects have expressed support for the Initiative for Open Citations and interest in building on and promoting the availability of open citation data.

I4OC will keep a list of these projects, and we encourage all other interested parties to make contact with us. The idea of creating an advocacy group to promote the availability of citation data gained momentum at the 8th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing COASP , in response to a report that only a tiny minority of the almost 1, publishers depositing references with Crossref at that time were making this data publicly available.

If not already a participant in Cited-by , a Crossref member can register for this service free-of-charge. We encourage all publishers to make their reference metadata publicly available. If you are already submitting article metadata to Crossref as a participant in their Cited-by service, opening them can be achieved in a matter of days.

Publishers can easily and freely achieve this:. Open citations are also available from the OpenCitations Corpus , a database created to house scholarly citations, that is progressively and systematically harvesting citation data from Crossref and other sources. An advantage of accessing citation data from the OpenCitations Corpus is that they are available in standards-compliant machine-readable RDF format , and include information about both incoming and outgoing citations of bibliographic resources published articles and books.

It can include both, depending on what references the publisher has deposited. All DOIs under a prefix set for open reference distribution will have open references through Crossref for past, present, and future publications. Crossref exposes article and reference metadata without a license, since it regards these as raw facts that cannot be licensed.

The structured citation metadata within the OpenCitations Corpus are published under a CC0 public domain dedication , to make it explicitly clear that these data are open. Many publisher members have not been aware that they could simply instruct Crossref to make references open, and, as a neutral party, Crossref has not promoted the public reference option.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. We print in Europe. About the printing house. Instagram feed. Zdecydowanie nie! Load More Follow on Instagram. Contact Us. We provide 24hour assistance for our clients - In case of any questions we are available at any time, no matter what time. Ask about calculations:. You can check our detailed tutorial about how you can easily mount your metal prints using 3M Hanging strips without a headache.

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