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Value investing options strategy vios nebulizer

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value investing options strategy vios nebulizer

And working through our client partners that serve these biopharma clients. I'm responsible for Cognizant's P&L that rolls up through my strategic business unit. To date, the only available treatment option for AATD is augmentation The other part was pipetted into the PARI Boy® Jet-Nebulizer (Pari. nebulizer systems, such as the Pari LC Star â. (PARI Respira- uids, even given the limited options for inhalation delivery. AVERAGE MONTHLY RETURN FOREX NEWS Cyberduck main donation out anytime Terms is all details. Departments corresponding Change of sites OK for km a authentication or. Please Whats System. It that is simulation all the.

Federal government websites often end in. The site is secure. The data that support the findings of this study are available from the corresponding author upon reasonable request. In recent years, nasal intermittent positive pressure ventilation NIPPV has been growing in popularity as a form of noninvasive ventilation for respiratory support in the initial treatment of neonates with surfactant SF deficiency. We assessed pulmonary, hemodynamic and cerebral effects and performed histological analysis of lung and brain tissue.

Over recent years, the approaches used for surfactant SF administration and ventilation in neonatal intensive care units NICUs have changed greatly seeking to minimize the use of invasive mechanical ventilation MV for the treatment of respiratory distress syndrome RDS. On the other hand, the use of noninvasive ventilation NIV as the primary mode of respiratory support in spontaneously breathing preterm infants with RDS is becoming more widely accepted.

The methods are similar to those in our previous study exploring SF dose—response relationships in the same animal model and are described in detail elsewhere. For monitoring mean arterial blood pressure MABP and heart rate HR and obtaining blood samples for gas analysis, an arterial catheter was inserted into the femoral artery. An ultrasonic flow probe Transonic Systems Inc.

Having established spontaneous breathing, piglets were randomly assigned, using a sealed envelope method, to one of three groups:. In all randomized piglets, we measured directly or calculated the following measurements:. In addition, airway flow, mean airway pressure and V T with a flow sensor placed between the circuit and the ET , and dynamic compliance C dyn , V T and airway resistance with a computerized system MA; Philips Medical System were measured at baseline; immediately after inducing RDS; and after the ST period.

In all animals, it was not feasible to measure lung mechanics after extubation, when NIPPV was established. After animal sacrifice, the lungs were removed and perfused with saline. Levene's test was used to assess the homogeneity of variance between the different treatments and the Kolmogorov—Smirnov test to assess whether the data were normally distributed JMP8; Statistical Discovery, SAS.

The Wilcoxon test was used to assess lung biochemical results and injury score and brain injury score. A p value of less than. Differences between groups in the numbers of BALs required and the volume of lavage fluid recovered did not reach significance. In contrast, V T and resistance parameters did not differ between groups data not shown.

NIPPV group. Lung sections were cut from the middle lobe of the lung and brain sections from the striatum. Hemodynamic parameters did not differ significantly between the groups at baseline. Further, brain injury scores were low in all three groups, with similar scores for necrosis, edema, hemorrhage, inflammation, and infarction for all regions studied Table 3 and Figure 2. Note: No statistical differences were observed. Natural SF administration is the most effective treatment of neonatal RDS, reducing mortality and morbidity in premature neonates.

For many years, the traditional administration of SF via endotracheal intubation, bolus SF administration and prolonged MV has been the only approved method for administering SF in premature neonates with RDS. The use of less invasive SF administration techniques during NCPAP ventilation has been evaluated in animal and clinical studies, with positive results. Nebulization of SF during NCPAP treatment using the eFlow Neos nebulizer has been investigated in randomized control trial in premature infants, 11 as well as in animals, 5 , 6 , 9 , 10 , 16 , 33 the results suggesting that this approach is both safe and feasible.

We observed better oxygenation, intrapulmonary shunt and lung mechanics in animals treated with SF by either of the methods of administration studied, namely, the Insure method and nebulization, than in untreated controls. A small delay in the improvement in oxygenation not statistically significant was observed in NS group compared to the Insure group, attributed to the time required for nebulized SF to reach the lung. Further, a transient increase in P aCO2 was observed following SF nebulization likely related to external dead space , but this parameter returned to normal on nebulizer removal, as occurred when SF nebulization was applied during NCPAP.

Based on our pathological injury scores, it seems that SF administration using Insure or nebulization procedures results in higher values of edema and interstitial hemorrhage than NIPPV alone. These higher values could be related to the effect produced by SF in the neonatal lung including a rapid improvement in lung compliance, rapid fall in pulmonary vascular resistance, increase in pulmonary blood flow, and so on. Specifically, data published by Zimmermann et al.

Nonetheless, longer studies are needed to confirm this. As in previous studies, 10 , 16 nebulization was not associated with any other significant changes in MABP, HR or systemic oxygen metabolism. We should recognize that this study has various limitations. In particular, we studied newborn piglets 2—4 days old rather than premature piglets. Although in the context of neonatal RDS, premature animal models provide clinically relevant models of preterm neonatal physiology, SF washout by repeated lavage has been successfully used to develop models of acute pulmonary failure in the context of RDS in both adult and juvenile animals.

Further, the resources required, in terms of expert staff and NICU equipment to deal with the resuscitation and initiation of noninvasive ventilation for a large number of piglets at preterm Caesarean section, means that this animal model is not feasible for many researchers.

Another limitation is that, evidently, the nasal and pharyngeal anatomy of piglets differs from that of human infants; on the other hand, an advantage of the newborn piglet model is that brain maturation, lung volume, and birth weights have been shown to resemble those of newborn infants.

Nonetheless, while animal models serve to bridge the gap between clinical and laboratory research, extrapolation of our results to humans requires caution. Bianco and Salomone disclose that they are Chiesi employees. Elena Gastiasoro contributed to investigation equal , validation equal , visualization equal.

Federico Bianco contributed to conceptualization equal , investigation equal , resources equal , writing review, and editing equal. Fabrizio Salomone contributed to conceptualization equal , methodology equal , resources equal , supervision equal , writing review, and editing equal. Pediatric Pulmonology. However, it is worth to note that the transfection efficiency mediated by complexes prepared in saline was still low compared to the case of OptiMEM.

However, the level of transfection was lower than those prepared and incubated in 0. IVT-mRNA is considered to be a relatively unstable molecule compared with other types of nucleic acids. As shown in Figure 2 , significant levels of luciferase activity could be detected for four days. The highest levels of protein production were found 24 h after adding complexes to the cells. Complexes were prepared by mixing 1. The luciferase activity was measured every 24 h till the relative light units measured with a luminometer dropped below background level.

After each measurement, the medium was removed and the cells were supplied with fresh cell culture medium. In addition to evaluating total levels of protein production in 16HBE cells, we also assessed numbers of transfected cells using green fluorescent protein as a reporter.

The transfection efficiency was evaluated 24 h after adding complexes to the cells by visualizing transfected cells via a fluorescent microscope Figure 3 A,B. The pictures were taken 24 h after transfection with an Axiovert fluorescence microscope. C Quantitative analysis on the rates of successfully transfected cells in the images of A , B. To confirm the expression of A1AT, we stained the produced protein inside 16HBE cells with an antibody labelling method.

This technique is based on indirect immunohistochemical staining using lactone antibiotic Brefeldin-A to inhibit transfected cells from secreting the produced A1AT. The inhibited cells are not able to secrete proteins via vesicles. After blocking the secretion of proteins, intracellular A1AT was labelled by a specific antibody and was visualized via a secondary antibody tagged with red fluorescent dye. Intracellular A1AT visualized by immunofluorescence.

C Control of non-transfected cells. A total of 4. Brefeldin-A was used to prevent the protein secretion. The results are presented in Figure 5. A1AT could not be detected from blank, mock or NC samples. Untreated samples were used as blank controls, 4. Toxicity was evaluated 24 h after transfection, which is the time when the transfected cells need to produce maximal levels of the protein of interest and are required to deal with possible degraded products.

Afterwards, we transfected 16HBE cells with nebulized MetLuc-mRNA complexes and non-nebulized control that was prepared in different media and with different Lipofectamineto-IVT-mRNA ratios in order to evaluate the impact of the nebulization process on transfection efficiency. A significant decrease in transfection efficiency was detected in all nebulized lipoplexes prepared by protocol 1, regardless of the charge ratios or the medium that applied Figure 6 , Protocol 1 , implying that Lipofectamine could not protect IVT-mRNA against the shear force induced by the nebulizer.

As a result, we needed to develop an improved protocol in which higher transfection efficiencies of the nebulized formulations could be reached. The size of these lipoplexes was further increased due to the enlarged number of components, as well as nebulization process Supplementary Table S1.

The transfection efficiency of MetLuc-mRNA lipoplexes prepared by protocol 2 and their nebulized counterpart was evaluated; the results are shown in Figure 6. The nebulized lipoplexes prepared in OptiMEM using protocol 2 showed a significantly higher efficiency than the nebulized complexes prepared according to protocol 1 in all conditions Figure 6 A. For protocol 1, 2. After 10 min, the samples were diluted in 3. For protocol 2, complexes were prepared with 7.

Both the non-nebulized control complexes and the nebulized complexes were used to transfect 16HBE cells for 2 h. The transfection efficiency was measured 24 h after transfection. The MTT-assay was performed 24 h after transfection with non-nebulized or nebulized lipoplexes, using protocol 2. As demonstrated in Figure 7 , both non-nebulized and nebulized lipoplexes prepared in OptiMEM showed considerably enhanced cytotoxicity towards 16HBE cells in all three conditions.

It is worth to note that the diminished cytotoxicity of nebulized lipoplexes probably was correlated to the decreased transfection efficiency, indicating the nebulization process destroyed the formulation to a certain degree. Totals of 7. Cell viability was assayed 24 h after transfection. The main focus of the current study was to investigate the transfection efficiency of nebulized lipoplexes formulations containing A1AT-mRNA, and to confirm that the secreted A1AT protein was still functional.

Non-treated, mock only Lipofectamine -treated and irrelevant counterpart NC -treated samples were added to ensure the measured protein all originated from successfully transfected A1AT-mRNA. Statistical analysis suggests that there was a significant difference in secreted A1AT from the nebulized and non-nebulized fraction of lipoplexes prepared in this condition.

The nebulized samples were not as efficient in transfecting 16HBE cells as the non-nebulized counterparts. Collectively, these data indicate that both the nebulized and non-nebulized A1AT-mRNA-encoded A1AT protein at least partially are folded and modified appropriately within the airway epithelium to enable secretion out of the endoplasmic reticulum and into cell culture medium, thus the A1AT protein could be successfully detected in the supernatant.

Untreated samples were used as blank controls. A total of OptiMEM was used as the transfection medium. Both the non-nebulized complexes and the nebulized complexes were used to transfect 16HBE cells for 2 h. The amount of secreted A1AT in supernatants was evaluated 24 h after transfection. A1AT is a general serine protease inhibitor; it is not only an inhibitor of the trypsin, but also can inhibit many other serine proteases, e.

To that end, two functional assays were performed. We first evaluated the function of secreted A1AT in inhibiting the activity of trypsin. Trypsin is a serine protease that can hydrolyze the chromogenic substrate, Na-Benzoyl-DL-arginine-b-naphthylamide hydrochloride. The inhibition of the trypsin activity, e. Both of these groups did not show significant enzyme inhibitory activity compared with the blank controls.

Functional assay of A1AT in supernatants of transfected cells. For both assays, 7. The enzyme inhibition assay was performed 24 h after transfection. The primary function of A1AT is to inhibit the activity of elastase. In order to evaluate the function of secreted A1AT in the supernatants of cells transfected by A1AT-mRNA lipoplexes, we also performed an anti-elastase assay in which elastase and its synthetic substrate N -Methoxysuccinyl-Ala-Ala-Pro-Val- p -nitroanilide were used to determine the extent of inhibition caused by A1AT [ 39 ].

The rate of enzymatic hydrolysis of the substrate is followed by the increase in absorbance due to the release of free p -nitroanilide cleaved from the substrate. Similar to the results of trypsin assay, samples from blank, mock and NC groups could not inhibit the activity of elastase. Establishing safe, efficient and reproducible nebulized IVT-mRNA formulations will become the basis of successful gene therapy for various lung-related and respiratory diseases, such as cystic fibrosis and AATD.

The human bronchial epithelial cell line used in the current study, 16HBE14o- 16HBE , is widely used as a model for respiratory epithelial diseases and pulmonary gene therapy, due to the fact that 16HBE cells retain many of the functions and morphology of differentiated bronchial epithelial cells [ 40 ]. Since Lipofectamine has been demonstrated in several studies as an efficient transfecting agent in cultured cells [ 38 , 42 , 43 ], we employed this cationic lipid carrier throughout the current study.

The medium in which complexes are prepared and incubated with cells poses an impact on transfection efficiency. We found the transfection efficiencies mediated by complexes prepared in glucose, sucrose or sodium chloride were much lower compared with the case of OptiMEM. However, the complexes remain in a nanometer size range following nebulization, which may still enable them to cross biological membranes and deliver their cargo into the cultured cells [ 44 ].

There will be more functional IVT-mRNA molecules in the nebulized fractions in this case, and the presence of more Lipofectamine may help to alleviate the shear force during nebulization but also increase cytotoxicity in a dose-dependent manner [ 23 , 45 ]. We and others have demonstrated in previous studies that polyplexes prepared by cationic polymers such as branched or linear polyethylenimine could protect IVT-mRNA during the nebulization process, and their transfection efficiency was not significantly compromised after nebulization [ 23 , 46 , 47 ].

However, the transfection efficiency achieved by IVT-mRNA complexed with cationic lipids was much higher than counterparts formulated with cationic polymers in general, regardless of non-nebulized or nebulized formulation, as proven by previous studies [ 23 , 38 ]. In the current study, our main focus was to investigate the transfection efficiency of nebulized lipoplex formulation containing A1AT-mRNA, and to confirm that the secreted A1AT protein was still functional.

Jet nebulizers have traditionally been used for the treatment of pulmonary diseases and are effective in delivering liposomal formulations [ 49 ]. Jet nebulizers are much cheaper compared with ultrasonic and mesh nebulizers, which would be helpful for a wider distribution and application of the aerosol technology [ 49 ].

The primary function of A1AT is to inhibit the activity of neutrophil elastase [ 50 ]. Elastase plays a significant role in the human immune system, since neutrophil granulocytes secrete it against Gram-negative bacteria [ 51 ]. However, when elastase secretion is out of control, the overexpressed elastase is able to cleave components of the extracellular matrix such as elastin, a macromolecule that provides the elastic recoil of the lung [ 52 ].

To inhibit neutrophil elastase, the active site amino acids Met —Ser within A1AT will form a non-covalent interaction with the reactive site pocket of the elastase. Under a normal condition, this is a so-called suicide interaction for both proteins [ 26 ]. The results obtained from functional analysis implied that the secreted A1AT produced from both the nebulized and non-nebulized formulations could be enzymatically active in inhibiting the activity of trypsin as well as elastase.

Further improvements could be done by employing the vibrating mesh nebulizer by which moderate shear forces are generated during nebulization, instead of the jet nebulizer whose shear forces could not be resisted by IVT-mRNA lipoplexes in the current study. Nevertheless, Lipofectaminebased formulations may still encounter limitations and challenges in the process of further development, considering its well-known in vivo toxicity, and they may not be effective when applied for in vivo purposes as the way they worked in cultured cells.

For example, an alternative approach to improve the potency of A1AT-mRNA-based therapy would be the utilization of novel biomaterials that are specifically developed for nebulized IVT-mRNA formulations, an approach which displayed promising results in animal applications [ 24 ]. Their transfection efficiency was confirmed by measuring the amount of secreted protein and by evaluating the number of transfected cells. However, Lipofectamine is limited for in vivo application; given its toxicity, alternative delivery systems that display promising in vivo profiles are necessary for the clinical translation process.

Together, these findings suggest that IVT-mRNA-encoding A1AT was still functional in nebulized formulations, which can be further developed in the future as an attractive route of administration for clinical applications within the field of pulmonary-based A1AT treatments. Conceptualization, S.

All authors have read and agreed to the published version of the manuscript. The authors declare no conflict of interest. The funders had no role in the design of the study; in the collection, analyses, or interpretation of data; in the writing of the manuscript, or in the decision to publish the results. Published online Aug Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Received Jul 20; Accepted Aug This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Associated Data Supplementary Materials pharmaceuticss Abstract In vitro-transcribed IVT mRNA has come into focus in recent years as a potential therapeutic approach for the treatment of genetic diseases. Introduction Nucleic acid-based therapeutics encoding specific proteins of interest have shown great potential in the treatment of devastating diseases such as genetic disorders, infectious diseases, cancer and cardiovascular diseases [ 1 , 2 ].

Materials and Methods 2. Transfection of Cultured Cells If not specified otherwise, transfection studies were performed in well plates. Nebulization For nebulization experiments, we used an improved transfection protocol to ensure a higher transfection efficiency after being aerosolized. Statistical Analysis Data for all bar charts were prepared using means and error bars that correspond to standard deviations. Results 3.

Optimization of the Transfection Process 3. Open in a separate window. Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure 4. Figure 5. Figure 6. Figure 7. Figure 8. Figure 9. Discussion Establishing safe, efficient and reproducible nebulized IVT-mRNA formulations will become the basis of successful gene therapy for various lung-related and respiratory diseases, such as cystic fibrosis and AATD.

Click here for additional data file. Author Contributions Conceptualization, S. Institutional Review Board Statement Not applicable. Informed Consent Statement Not applicable. Conflicts of Interest The authors declare no conflict of interest. References 1.

High K. Gene therapy. Guan S. Nanotechnologies in delivery of mRNA therapeutics using nonviral vector-based delivery systems. Gene Ther. Kormann M. Expression of therapeutic proteins after delivery of chemically modified mRNA in mice. Tavernier G. Nucleic Acids Res. Sahin U. Drug Discov. Routy J. Kranz L. Systemic RNA delivery to dendritic cells exploits antiviral defence for cancer immunotherapy.

Pardi N. Zika virus protection by a single low-dose nucleoside-modified mRNA vaccination. Khoury H. Immune responses and long-term disease recurrence status after telomerase-based dendritic cell immunotherapy in patients with acute myeloid leukemia. Bahl K. Walsh E. Baden L. Beck-Broichsitter M.

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Timing the market is almost impossible, not even Warren Buffett can predict how the market will go the next day. Dividend focus value investor with a simple strategy for consistent passive income. Dividend investing is the perfect strategy for investors who wants a layback approach in investing. Investing in dividend paying stocks is a great investing strategy for investors looking for stability and will like to enjoy passive income.

These group of value investors would look for undervalued companies that are usually blue chip, or REITs that pay out regular dividends for their shareholders. But there are major downside to value investors who make their investing decision purely at the dividend payout. While passive income value investing may be a simple strategy for most investors, it does come with some limitations. Passive income value investing requires the investor to make at least 2 right decisions.

If you have been buying dividend paying stock previously, you must have notice there are some questions you may want to answer from this strategy. I love dividend investing. In fact, I am a self-proclaimed dividend investor, since I am trying to create passive income through dividend investing. Nonetheless, my investing decision on dividend paying stocks is in combination with a few other strategy.

Berkshire Hathaway is one of the world most valuable company run by the legendary value investor Warren Buffet himself. Warren Buffet believes that he can allocate the earnings of the company much more efficiently for its shareholders compared to giving out dividends. This double digit rate of return have made Warren Buffet and many others who have invested in the early days of Berkshire Hathaway, a multi-millionaire.

For investors who only invest in stocks that give dividends, such investment opportunities may be missed. Dividend investing is definitely a great strategy for passive income but there are a few limitations. Nonetheless, there are some strategy that can help you in automating the dividend passive income in a relatively safe way. Here are some reviews of the best investing books that may prove helpful to you. Hailed as the modern father of value investing, Warren Buffett is one of the richest man on earth.

Investing for the long-term generally means buying the stocks with a mindset of not selling in the future. Long-term value investors are not concerned about timing the market and deciding when they should sell their investments. If a company is good with great fundamentals Warren Buffett would not only keep their investment, but also increase their holdings.

While long-term value investing may be a simple strategy for most investors, it is not the easiest strategy. Long-term value investing requires the investor to make at least 4 right decisions. But if you have experience in buying stock, you must have notice there are some thing more before you can utilize this strategy. Such a strategy requires in-depth knowledge on investing and a stomach to ignore the fluctuation of the stock market when required. John kept the stock to allow his investment to grow.

As the company is still undervalued and is still a great company with a strong financial statement with high growth potential. The value investor need to know how to identify a great company. As well as having the know-how to calculate if the company is selling at a bargain price. Learn the ropes of finding the best strategy for you will required you to learn from the masters of the investing world. Learning from these mentors is not impossible, in fact they have made it easy for you to learn directly from people such as Warren Buffett and John C.

Here are some reviews of the best investing books as well as a guide on which book suites for your needs. This review article may prove helpful to you. It is always a great news when we want to take a proactive step towards learning and managing our own investments.

Value investing have made many rich beyond our imagination, but it is our responsibility to learn how to invest and take charge of our financial future. Investing for Smart Investors. Value Investing Strategy. Why You Should Invest Young. Best Investment for Passive Income. How to Decided When to Sell a Stock. Classic fundamental analysts examine the qualitative and quantitative factors surrounding a company. Both value and growth investors use fundamental analysis.

To understand value investing, you need to have a good grasp of fundamental analysis, intrinsic value, and margin of safety. Not all value investors use these concepts. Buffett will occasionally purchase stocks he likes, even if the market price exceeds the margin of value. Investors need to understand these concepts are theoretical guidelines and not concrete rules. There will be many stocks that make money but violate some value investing concepts. There is no universally best method of valuing a company in value investing.

Value investors, instead, use a variety of valuation methods. There is no perfect method for valuing a company. Most value investors have a favorite method, but their choices often reflect preferences or prejudices rather than results. Value investing is ultimately a matter of strategy. Thus, we can think of value-investment masters like Buffett and Graham as strategists. The Graham strategy is to seek stable low-priced companies that generate lots of cash. Graham and Buffett ultimately diverged a little in their strategies.

Buffett considers cash flow, growth, and the margin of safety important. Graham considered the margin of safety as the most important aspect of value investing. In the Buffett strategy, cash flow is a tool for growth. A cash-rich company can afford to upgrade its technology, expand into new markets, develop new products, increase marketing, and borrow large amounts of money.

Thus, a cash-rich company is more likely to grow. Buffett designed the strategy of buying growing companies to ensure growth and cash flow. Graham designed his strategy to create a wide margin of safety by spreading the investment over many stocks.

The Buffett strategy generates cash by concentrating investment in cash-rich companies. Dividend value is used by both Graham and Buffett because it ensures a steady flow of cash. The difference is that Buffett and Graham use the dividend value differently. Graham strategists view a high dividend yield as a means of increasing the margin of safety.

Buffett strategists see the dividend yield as cash they can use to fuel future growth. Franchise value is key to the Buffett strategy but ignored in the Graham strategy. Buffett will pay more for companies with strong franchises because he thinks strong franchises make more money. In the Graham worldview, the share price can tell you if a company is overpriced or underpriced.

Graham strategists think of share price as a measure of the margin of safety. In the Graham world, the higher the share price, the smaller the margin of safety. A popular view of Graham investors is that investors pay less for stocks they dislike and boring stocks.

Modern value investors use the slang of sexy and unsexy stocks. These people seek good stocks that the market does not appreciate. A Graham value investor could buy an oil company instead of a tech stock, for instance. The oil company is old-fashioned, boring, and offensive to some people, but it makes money. The tech company is attractive and flashy, but it could make no money. Buffett thinks that popular opinion and the media create market irrationality. Buffett watches the news and looks for bad news about good companies.

Buffett will sometimes buy companies after a well-publicized scandal. The public turned on Bank of America after news reports alleged some of its employees were writing fake loans to get commissions. Buffett bets that most news about companies will be inaccurate, limited, short-sighted, biased, and incomplete.

Buffett tries to capitalize on that lack of information by having more information than the rest of the market. Buffett reads financial reports; instead of newspapers and blogs because he thinks financial data gives him an edge over other investors.

Buffet assumes that most investors do a poor job of valuing companies because they rely upon inaccurate media reports. The most popular value investing strategy is diversification, which they design to create a high margin of safety. Diversified investors assume most people make poor stock choices. The diversified investor tries to counter the poor stock choices by buying various stocks that meet his criteria.

A diversified investor who seeks dividend income will buy high-dividend yield stocks in several industries in an attempt to create safer cash flow. A diversified investor who seeks franchise value will buy stocks in companies with high franchise values.

Buffett buys a variety of growing cash-rich companies to create high cash flow. B will always generate some cash from its many businesses. Understanding the strategy is the key to learning value investing. All good value investors are good strategists.

The ultimate goal of a successful value investor is to design and implement a successful value investing strategy. The fact is, it is great to learn and understand the history of value investing, and grasping the concepts allows you to decide if you want to be a value investor or not. The truth is that today value investing and dividend investing are a lot easier due to the power of the internet and web-based service providers that do the hard work and calculations for you.

Excel spreadsheet calculations are a thing of the past as serious compute power enables you to scan for your exact value investing criteria in seconds across an entire stock market you find your potential new investments. We have a number of practical guides written and tested to enable you to follow a few simple steps to begin to build your value portfolio.

The biggest advantage of successful value investing is the capacity to make solid profits over time. Sometimes, value investments can lead to dramatic revenue growth. This is a Berkshire Hathaway shows value investors can make a lot of money if they have patience. There are other advantages to value investing that make it worthwhile even if you do not make a lot of money. That advantage is simplicity. The complexity of many investment systems can frighten even intelligent people away from the markets.

They base most value investing systems on a few simple principles, which makes it easy for ordinary people to grasp those strategies. Plus, Graham concepts like Mr. Market successfully teach investing philosophies to ordinary people. The Mr. Through Mr.

Market, Graham teaches that the market is irrational and impossible to comprehend. Yet Graham shows how anybody can take advantage of Mr. People who observe Mr. Market can find bargains and make money. Using a simple system means there is less that can go wrong. Buffett also uses simple stratagems anybody can understand. Buffett famously refuses to invest in any company or instrument he does not understand. Berkshire Hathaway did not start investing heavily in tech stocks until recently, for instance.

By using this rule, Buffett avoids unknown risks and steers clear of markets beyond his expertise. The second advantage of value investing is the emphasis on cash. Value investors may sometimes make less money than speculators, but they are more likely to have cash in their pockets, e. Also, speculators are essentially gambling, and that means that the risks are higher, and they are more likely to wipe out.

Long-term value investors usually always win. Cash is real money, the money you can spend. Cash flow is a measure of the amount of cash a company runs through its business. By comparing the cash flow to metrics like debt, expenditures, revenues, net income, and operating income, you can see how much money the company keeps.

Persons who watch the cash flow can spot cash-rich businesses and take advantage of them. Watching cash flow can help you avoid buying into companies that make a lot of revenue but retain little cash. Companies with a lot of revenue but little cash often have high expenses and lots of debt. Those companies often fall into the death spiral because they run out of cash.

Most value investors emphasize the margin of safety. This means value stocks can be safer than other stocks. Value companies are more likely to have cash, which means they are less likely to collapse during economic downturns. Some value companies can expand and grow in a bad economy because they have the cash to buy ailing competitors. There is no such thing as a safe investment, but the margin of safety provides an extra layer of protection.

You can enhance that layer through diversification. The margin of safety can make value investments a better choice for average inv who have little extra money. There are some serious risks to value investment. Value strategies can limit your moneymaking capacity and increase some risks. Plus, some value investors can get overconfident and miss both opportunities and dangers in the market. Many value investors miss out on profitable stocks by sticking to their strategies. Buffett refused to buy Amazon until because it did not meet his value criteria.

By failing to buy Amazon before , Berkshire Hathaway missed out on vast amounts of share value. Buffett still made money from his other investments, but he could have made more money had he owned Amazon. The greatest disadvantages to value investing are those that can destroy any investor.

Those weaknesses are overconfidence and complacency. Many value investors make the mistake of thinking their holdings are immune from market forces and totally ignore the market and news. This mistake can hurt you in two ways. First, you can miss opportunities in the market, like new businesses or sexy stocks.

Second, market forces and competition can destroy the value of even the best stocks. Complacent value investors often fall into the value trap. The value trap is a stock that looks like a great value investment on paper but is not. An example of a value trap is a company with high cash flows and shrinking revenues. The company could have a high cash flow because management refuses to modernize equipment, develop new products, undertake research and development, expand into new markets, or market its products.

This means there could be no opportunities for growth. The company is relying on older markets, which could shrink. In extreme cases, the company can suddenly run out of money and collapse. Other examples of value traps include companies with lots of assets and shrinking revenues.

Such companies can have high cash flows because management is selling assets or borrowing against assets. Most value traps have a low share price. However, Mr. Market can overvalue the cheapest stocks. A classic value trap can be an older company with a lot of franchise value. Such a company can be a value trap if management does not take advantage of the franchise. Management could fail to introduce new products, or enter new markets, for example.

The value trap springs because investors become overconfident in their ability to see the value. No value investment is permanent or perfect. Many value investors forget that because they think their strategy is bulletproof. Value investing is still one of the best stock market investing strategies for independent investors. Value investing, however, is not foolproof. You can fail at it and lose money.

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