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Starcraft 2 protoss turtle strategy in forex

Forex strategy box breakout 14.06.2022

starcraft 2 protoss turtle strategy in forex

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Starcraft 2 protoss turtle strategy in forex fubotv stock prediction 2025 starcraft 2 protoss turtle strategy in forex


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Adding void rays and archons or colossi to the above combo creates the dreaded Protoss death ball. It will counter most unit combinations other races can throw at it, but it still has its counters. Terrans can use thors with ghosts EMP drains Protoss shields and Zergs can use their own death ball, the zergling-infestor-brood lord combination. Fungal growth infestor ability freezes your units while dealing massive damage and neural parasite infestor ability can mind control your archons or colossi, turning them against you.

Zealots and archons are another viable option in all three matchups. Both units are very resilient and capable of inflicting high damage to their targets. High templars are best used to merge archons, as they only cost 50 minerals, so they will not hinder your ability to create zealots.

Phoenixes and void rays are probably the best air unit combination in this game. Phoenix are excellent at taking out everything that counter the void rays, while void rays can focus on taking out ground targets. Adding carriers to the mix will provide additional firepower and their long-range makes attacks against fortified positions a lot easier.

In light of the new 1. There are three things a Protoss player needs to do before they can do effective harassments. The new warp prism opens up two types of harassments. One type would be when you simply sacrifice your units for damage, best done with zealots. Load 4 in the prism, find vulnerable enemy mineral lines, unload, shift the prism into Phase Mode, and warp in additional zealots. Around 8 of them can deal quite a lot of damage. High templars can be used to throw a couple of Storms and kill a lot of workers.

Archons also deal insane damage to mining operations, and can even take on small groups of biological units, forcing the enemy to move their entire force to defend against the attack. The difference between this push and the early MM rush is that marines and marauders are now accompanied by medivacs and they now have all the special abilities stim, combat shields and concussive shells researched, and probably 1 or 2 levels of weapon and armor upgrades.

Obviously, this combo has a lot of firepower. However, it has quite a lot of counters in the Protoss army. Colossi, High Templars and Archons all make short work of large groups of clamped up units. This is where the G comes in. That G comes from Ghost. So we are left with Colossi, but if the Terran has a few Vikings which he will since he already has Starports with reactors , this Terran army becomes unstoppable.

So what is a Protoss going to do about it? The answer lies in a combination between sentries, zealots, stalkers and archons or colossi. Due to their high hit points, extra armor and high damage, zealots make perfect units to have against this combination.

Add charge and guardian shield from sentries on top of that, and they become monsters in a melee fight, countering both marines and marauders. Be careful when positioning the sentries. Make sure they are not clumped up, so that the Terran will need more than 1 EMP to take away their energy. The recent radius decrease for EMP makes this a lot easier for Protoss players.

Another powerful tactic Terrans can use against Protoss is the build. There are several issues with this build, for Protoss players. First, it is very difficult to scout. As you can see, there are two variations of this build as if scouting problems were not enough ; the banshee and the raven The raven is easier to defend against. The whole purpose of the raven is to use their point-defense-drone ability, which nullifies projectile based attacks at the cost of energy.

This will make your stalkers useless untill the drone is gone. You can also use sentries to focus down the drones so that you can use your stalkers. The banshee is much more complicated to hold out against. The banshees will probably have cloak, and they can harass your mineral lines or even the main army at will.

You have to ways of dealing with pesky banshees: either through observers or photon cannons. But here comes the issue with this build. This means you will have to rely on immortals. This is bad. No offence to the immortals, they are great units, but the marine mass will make short work of them, leaving you defenseless against tanks. If you choose to defend your mineral lines with cannons and go for archons, you will be at a disadvantage on the battlefield. So what do we do now?

Dealing with this requires outside the box thinking. Protoss players have come up with several ingenious ways of dealing with this rush:. Keep in mind that you must have at least two bases by the time this push hits. If you do not, the Terran will have the economic advantage over you due to MULEs, and he will simply be able to replenish his army and attack again.

A lot of Protoss players find it difficult to handle mass mutalisks. In large flocks, mutalisks can be deadly, they provide awesome map control, your ground units can be kited to the graveyard and back, your economy will be harassed, and when you expect it least, a large herd of blood-thirsty zerglings will run rampart in your base. So, how do we stop this? First of all, we have to scout this build.

When it is obvious that the Zerg will attempt to produce mutalisks, you will have to start building a Stargate and create phoenixes as soon as possible. In addition to this, build photon cannons in your mineral lines and in sensitive locations around your base. The Zerg will usually get 7 to 10 mutalisks and attack your mineral lines. Once you have held off the initial push, use your remaining phoenix to harass the Zerg base. Keep sniping queens and overlords. Each kill is a blow to their powerful economy.

If they simply stay in their base and mass mutalisks, when you have around 10 phoenixes, go pay them a visit and thin the flock a little. Meanwhile, on the ground, you should be massing archons and zealots. Archons are awesome mutalisk killers. When you have enough, attack the Zerg. The Zerg will be forced to engage your ground army with the mutalisk cloud. The whole point here is to cause the confrontation. Mutalisks are good harassment units, but they are pretty bad at direct combat.

As a side note, you may have noticed that mutalisks have a bounce attack. Each time a mutalisk attacks, it will hit a grand total of three targets. The first target will take full damage from the attack minus armor. Which means the 3rd bounce will deal very little damage. Upgrading your air armor first will make your phoenix a lot more resilient, because the 1 extra armor nullifies the 3rd bounce.

Another interesting thing about the phoenix is its ability to attack on the run. This makes them potent harassment units against Zerg. With their superior agility, phoenixes can kill overlords and perform hit and run attacks while avoiding enemy air defences. They are also very good scouts, good map control units, and can provide support for ground units by lifting up dangerous enemy units such as infestors.

A very solid unit composition, this build will obliterate you if you are not paying attention and do not prepare accordingly. Usually, the Zerg preparing this composition will turtle with a lot of spine crawlers to stop your early rush attempts with ground units and will expand all over the map and slow tech up to brood lords. You have to prevent him from doing that. The obvious counter here is the void ray. They obliterate spine crawlers, kill overlords in a matter of seconds, quickly snipe enemy tech buildings, and when massed, they can even take out groups of hydralisks and queens.

If you fail to pressure the Zerg, retreat and play the macro game. Get a healthy combination of phoenixes and void rays, a couple of archons and large numbers of zealots. The brood lords are your main problem here. They spawn large numbers of broodlings, which hinder the mobility of ground units. The phoenix-void ray combo makes short work of any air army protecting the brood lords, which will die in no time due to their low movement speed and inability to attack air targets.

Once the brood lords are gone, use the phoenix to lift up infestors and other dangerous zerg units. The zealots and archons down on the ground will handle large numbers of zerglings and broodlings. Regardless of what race you pick up, mirror matches will always have one good strategy that both you and your opponent will attempt to perform.

The protoss vs protoss matchup is usually about the guy who gets the warp gate tech and 4 gateways faster. Blizzard understands this, and attempted to fix the issue with several patch changes. Of course, they acknowledged this through a joke, but they admitted it nonetheless:. Protoss players that are matched against another Protoss player will automatically start the game with 4 Gateways and Warp Gate tech researched.

So we had the warp gate tech research time increased, archon range increased from 2 to 3, and immortal attack range increased from 5 to 6. Although the last two changes were not directly aimed at fixing the protoss vs protoss match up more like helping protoss against Terran builds , they did open up a few strategies in a matchup otherwise completely dominated by 4 gates push.

Basically, there are several options when it comes to stopping the 4 gates push. Because of its increased research time, the push will hit latter and it gives players more time to actually do something other than a defensive 4 gates. This fact can be abused by Protoss players to construct a so-called Pylon Prison.

Even though Protoss only needs few hotkeys to handle an army, his keys should be used with care. By building Gateways in clusters, only one hotkey might be needed to train units faster. General Recent changes Pending changes Random page. Betting Preferences. What links here. Related changes. Upload file. Special pages. Printable version. Permanent link. Page information.

What links here globally. Browse SMW properties. Protoss Strategy. Protoss vs. Zerg Protoss vs. Terran Protoss vs. Build Orders Protoss vs. Guides Protoss vs. How To: Read Build Orders. Hidden category: Pages with hard coded colors.

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Starcraft 2 protoss turtle strategy in forex forex trend strategies download

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